Friday, July 1, 2011

Aussie Heads Up - New Scuba Colors

There are a couple of new Scuba hoodies showing up in Australia - Dewberry Wee Stripe and Wren Wee Stripe. They are kind of cute so I'd hope they'd show up in North America eventually. A very nice Australian lady named Megan posted photos of them on one of the lulu boards:

This is the Wren Wee Stripe Scuba. It looks very interesting and has very different zipper pull. As soon as I find some more photos of it, I'll post them.

This is the Dewberry Wee Stripe.

PS - It looks like my prediction of a big We Made Too Much Upload isn't going to come true. I'll keep checking the website over the weekend but so far, it's been a bust except for the Get Up and Go Jacket and Cross Train Caps that were added this morning. Bummer.

New! All Sport Short, Latest Let It Loose Tanks, and More

Photos of the latest  Let It Loose tanks.

A new longer, loose fitting short, the Run: All Sport Short. They look a bit like the Willpowers to me except with a zipper pocket. I like the longer length. I'll have to give these a try.

Here are some more photos of the All Sport Short:

I wouldn't mind seeing these shorts modeled on someone whose thighs fill them out a little more. They look good for those of us with thicker thighs. Here is the write up on them: Comes in size 4-12 (yay for 12!) in Coal, Black, and Black/Pink Mist. The moisture wicking Luxtreme waistband has a circular drawstring and two pockets for gel. And with the vents along the back, these shorts are summer's perfect companion!

I think the Heathered Black/Black Wee Stripe In Stride is very sharp looking.

Finally, a decent photo of the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Define.