Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Upload Thursday Wishes

I don't think I am going to make it to the store this afternoon so I hope this tank gets uploaded tomorrow. It's the black wee stripe Power Y.

I might also order these new Groove crops with the Heathered Blurred Gray waistband.

I think tomorrow's upload might be pretty big. The stores got a bunch of new tops in Wee Stripe and a few new Strides.

I wonder if these new Defines will show up - the HCWE (heathered coal wee stripe) and the Heathered Black. The Heathered Black is super pretty. There is also a Heathered Black In Stride Jacket if you don't like the Define:

Heathered Black/Black Wee Stripe In Stride

I think the Surge Wee Stripe CRB (shown with matching Heathered Coal/Surge Wee Stripe Groove crops) is super pretty. I don't think it works for my coloring but I still want to try it on. I don't think there is a similar Surge Wee Stripe Power Y but it would be nice if there were.

Quite a few other cute things came out this week - what are you all looking for?

Photos of the Latest

Solid black Astro Wunder Unders

Coal Wee Stripe In Stride. It looks so different from far away.

Heathered Black/Black Wee Stripe In Stride.

I think the Free Fall crops look pretty good on this woman. Maybe because she has a slightly fuller figure.

Cute Dewberry and coordinating pieces outfit.

I'm hoping to visit the store this afternoon to check out the Black Wee Stripe Power Y and the HBG Groove Crops. We'll see how much bribing I have to do to my kids, though.