Saturday, June 25, 2011

Photo of Citron Wee Stripe CRB

Just posted on the lulu boards - a photo of the Citron Wee Stripe CRB. It's rather see through, like the Pink Mist White Microstripe, so you might want to size up or not size down, if that is what you normally do.

Close Up of the Dewberry Astro Wunder Under Waistband

Here is a close up of the waistband in the previous post. I kind of like the static (or heathered?) Dewberry portion of the band. I hope a CRB comes in that color. I am so happy the weather has warmed up finally in Southern California. I am enjoying finally being able to wear my CRBs. Another reader commented that they would like a pair of Heathered Black Still pants. I have Heathered Charcoal Stills and really like them so Heathered Black would be great.