Monday, June 20, 2011

Store Trip Report - Run: Take Flight Bike Short (Just What I Wanted), Dignity Crops, and Heathered Black Define

I went to the store today to pick up a couple of items I left to be restitched and took the opportunity to try on the new Run: Take Flight Bike Shorts.  I ended up buying a pair in black. They have an 8" inseam and it's the length I have been waiting for from Lululemon. They do not have any padding. My Biker Grooves and Run: Zoom Knee shorts are something like 3" longer and hit me right at the middle of the knee (I'm 5' 5"). I usually hike them up a bit over my knee anyway for spin class but I am super excited Lululemon finally made a pair in this length. I like that the back is a bit higher than the front so they don't slip down. I did a bend over test and I thought these were thicker than some of the luxtreme crops that go sheer when you bend over. They are available in the Coal/Static and solid Black. I cannot wait to give these a try in class.

Take Flight Bike Short
Biker Groove Short - about 3" longer than the Take Flight Bike Short
I also tried on the new Dignity crops. They were a pretty snug fitting crop and I thought ran a bit on the small side.

I tried on the Heathered Black Define. It's really nice and I wouldn't mind it if someone gave one to me but I think I can live without it. If you don't already have a black Define and have been thinking of getting one, this one might be a nice alternative.

I forgot to write that I saw the new Dewberry CRB at the store and without having a comparison at hand, I thought Dewberry looked a lot like Potion Purple. I already have a couple of Potion tops and don't really feel the need to get more.

Photos: New Scuba, Dignity Short (?), and More of the New Arrivals

The stitching means this will most likely be a special edition Scuba so be prepared to open up the wallet. Not sure how much but be ready to spend $148. I read the price is $128. It's pretty, though. Update - It's the Black/Snowy Owl/Ghost Scuba.

Heathered Coal/Surge Scoop Neck. Kind an odd pairing but better than the standard surge/black lulu usually does.

New short - the Dignity short? Run: Take Flight Bike Short. I'll update when I get more info. I like the longer length.

Close up photo of the denim Dignity crops.

Detail on the Run For Your Life Crops. They don't look so ruffly here.

The new Shape Me bra under a CRB. The straps really show.

Really liking the Surge Wee Stripe Define

More of the Latest - Wee Stripes Up the Wazoo, Run: For Your Life Crops, and More

New Wunder Unders in Black Wee Stripe/Black. Love this color and would love to see this in a CRB. Hope it is coming! Update - these are made of luon light. They will be super soft and lightweight but not give as much coverage to your flaws.

Surge with Surge Wee Stripe Define. I have a Coal Define with Heathered Coal Wee Stripe and it is one of my favorites. I love the same color Wee Stripe inserts in the Define. It didn't work well in the Wren with Iris Wee Stripe version but tone on tone is great.

Dewberry Wee Stripe Power Y - this is cute

New Run: For Your Life Crops - I'm not a huge fan of ruffles on my luxtreme crops or any of my crops come to think of it. Where are the knee length luxtreme crops? 

New Wunder Under Band - I'd guess Citron Wee Stripe, Dewberry Wee Stripe, Coal Wee Stripe, and Surge Wee Stripe (maybe it's Toothpaste, though)

Shape Me Bra in Surge.

A good composite photo of the new Dignity crop

Dewberry Swiftly tank

Coal / Citron Inspire Crops

Dewberry CRB

Photos of the Latest - Dignity Crops and DewBerry

Photos of the new Dignity Crop in Black. I like the shorter length. I'll have to give these a try.

Dignity crops in Black Denim. I think the denim version of luon is a fun way to bling up your workout wear.

Dewberry CRB. I am going to the store later today. I'll have to remember to wear my Potion Purple Define to see how the colors compare.

Dewberry Groovy Run Shorts.

New Swiftlys in Dewberry and Citron

Dewberry  Plum Scuba - I dislike the strip of gray around the zipper.

"New" Coal/Citron Inspire Crops - I guess Citron is one of the summer colors. Just like last summer. Good if you have items from last summer you want to coordinate with.