Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Deep Breath tanks, Energy SL, Cool Down Crop, and More

Photos of the new long sleeve Manifesto shirts.

I don't really love the look of the Cool Down pant with the Heathered Wren Deep Breath but I had to post this photo because this woman's coloring looks so nice with HW.

This photo shows how nice Pink Mist (Define) goes with Heathered Wren. She is wearing the Heathered Wren Gather and Crow Crops and the Heathered Wren Deep Breath tank. This makes me want to get that Pink Mist CRB I keep trying on and not getting.

Toothpaste Circuit Tank and coordinating Astro Crops with the Toothpaste Seabed waistband.

Groove Crops in Coal and Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. Shown with the White/HCWE Let It Loose Tank.

Another photo of the Heathered Wren Deep Breath. I think it looks best with a tan.

Wren Cool Down Crops

A pair of black Cool Down Crops that looks attractive. The design of the back of the Cool Down crops seems to magnify most people's rears but this woman looks nice in them.

Coal Energy Tank and Toothpaste Split Shorts

More Energy SL photos

Got My Heathered Wren Clam Diggers Today

I got my Heathered Wren Clam Diggers today. I like the color but the material feels a bit thinner and more polyestery than my black Clam Diggers. Also, the ribbed material at the waistband is looser fitting than lulu used to use in the Clam Diggers. I have some old Canadian made black Clam Diggers back when they sold for something like $58 and the waistband was more sturdy feeling and snugger.  I am wondering if I should use a Canadian Angel to get a pair of the Heathered Wren Still shorts which don't seem to be coming to America or maybe order the Heathered Wren Still crops and have them hemmed a few inches. I also might try the Heathered Wren Gather and Crow crops but I like the shorter length of the Clam Diggers. I'll give them another try tomorrow but I am really uncertain about keeping them.