Monday, June 6, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Deep Breath, Circuit, Scoop, and More

Scoop Neck in solid Surge.

Let It Loose tank in White with Heathered Coal Wee Stripe

 Deep Breath Tank in Wren and Heathered Blurred Gray, shown with matching Knock Out Shorts.

 Close Up of the neckline of the new Deep Breath Tanks

Boogie Shorts in Heathered Wren

Another photo of the Heathered Wren Still Pants.

The new Split Shorts

The Circuit Tank in Surge

Try On Report: Energy SL Tech

Energy SL in Surge shown with the Split shorts
I got word that my local store got the new Energy SLs in tonight so I went down to try them on. My local store had them in Toothpaste, Surge, and Black. I liked the Toothpaste best of all that they had.

Photo showing Aruba Revitalize on left compared to Toothpaste Energy SL on right
I thought the fit was pretty similar to last year's Energy SL. The biggest difference is that the material has changed and this latest batch is made from Silverescnt Circle Mesh. I think SCM is a bit thinner and thus more revealing and clingy than regular silverscent. For workouts, thinner is just wonderful. For hiding flaws, it's not so great. To me, this change led me to having a real debate with myself as to what size to get, my regular or one size down. I actually have one of both in last summer's Energy and kind of prefer the looser fit now. In the Toothpaste, I'd definitely get my normal tank size since the light color is so revealing. In Surge and Black I could get away with going one size down for a more fitted look. My local store didn't have the Coal to try on. That is the color I think I will like to get the most but because I didn't have it to try on I ended up leaving with nothing.

Reader Ms. X provides us with a side by side comparison of the Energy SL and MOM SL Tech. It looks like the MOM is slightly longer. The straps on the Energy are narrower and the entire front is a cleaner design. This photo also illustrates one of the things I felt when I tried on the MOM - that it had a boxy, straight-waisted fit. You can see the Energy nips in a little bit at the waist and that leads to a more overall figure-flattering shape.

Energy laid on top of the MOM SL.

Ms. X in her Coal Energy SL - ok, now this is the one I definitely want. This is her normal tank size.

For comparison, her is Ms. X in the MOM. It shows more cleavage and a tiny more of her armpit area.  Thank you so much, Ms. X!!!  These photos will be very helpful to others deciding to get this tank.

The Latest to Hit the Stores, Part 2 - Energy SL Tech, Let It Loose, Heathered Wren Bottoms, and More

Photos of the new Energy SL tech. I was planning on visiting my store to see if they received these yet but they haven't. New Energy SLs are coming in Surge, Toothpaste, Coal, and Black (not sure about the black yet but this is what one store reported). I'm pretty sure both women in these photos have sized down one size.

Still pants in Heathred Wren. I really like Heathered Wren but I already have Stills in solid Wren so these will be a pass. Although...I could get these and sell my other ones. I'll have to think on that...

A photo of the new Heathered Wren Gather and Crow crops.

New Let It Loose tank in Solid Surge. There is also a new White LIL with the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe bra underneath.

New Groove Crops with a Heathered Coal Wee Stripe and Coal band. I love black and gray combos.

New Scuba in Sunny Lime.

Photo of the Sing Floss Travel Jacket in Heathered Deep Navy. It's also out in Heathered Charcoal.

The Latest to Hit the Stores, Part 1 - LS Manifesto Shirt, Deep Breath Tanks, Circuit Tanks

Model Sharon has a Power Purple CRB underneath - to give you an idea how sheer this is.
I've heard that new long sleeve Manifesto tees were coming since the beginning of April so I'm not sure why they are so late to hit the stores. They are available in Black and White. I think you can see the white one to the left of the black one. It looks a bit sheer - burnout style. The last time I bought a long sleeve shirt with the manifesto print all over it I felt like a walking billboard. These are a little better in that the print is faded at the top but seeing print on my sleeves as I moved about my day was incredibly distracting. These will be an easy pass for me however, I know they are super popular. Update - these are $68 (less than last year?)

New Deep Breath tanks in Heathered Blurred Gray / Black and Wren / Heathered Sand Dune Wee Stripe. I love the HBG/Black version. I might have to give this tank another chance but I'm sure it will still be too low cut / too low support for me. Boo!

New Circuit Tanks in Toothpaste, Surge, and Coal have hit the stores. This is the Toothpaste version. It's shown with coordinating Knock Out Shorts in Heathered Blurred Gray / Toothpaste.