Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photos - Wren Sing Floss Travel and Cool Down Items

This is one of the best photos I've seen yet of the Wren Sing Floss Travel Jacket.I wonder if there will be a Wren Scuba.

The Cool Down pant looks very cute on this woman.

The woman is a great model for the clothes but the Cool Down crop is too gathered for me to like it.

Try On Report: Willpower Short, Cool Down Jacket, Cool Down Pants, Let It Loose Tank, Sunbeam Pullover, Sunblocker LS

I tried on the new Willpower shorts today. They are supposed to be cut for more muscular thighs and glutes and liked them even better than the Run: Faster Longer short. They are really cut for ladies whose legs are more muscular and / or have some saddlebag issues. The Run: Faster Longer are about an inch longer in the inseam but they tend to bunch up on me in the crotch area. The Willpower laid nice and flat in that area. All in all, a very nice lightweight short.

I tried on both the Sunbeam Pullover and Sunblocker LS tops expecting them to have a rubber glove feel like the SPF did last year but I really liked these tops. The material didn't feel like a medical glove at all. It felt very similar to luxtreme. The tops were super lightweight and fit TTS. The only negative is that they are thin so you can see through the lighter white, pink mist, and toothpaste very easily. My store did not have the blurred gray version for me to try. I liked the Sunblocker a little better than the Sunbeam since it had only one layer of fabric at the neckline. I think the double layer of the crossover neck in the Sunbeam might add warmth in the summer. I was very tempted to get the white Sunblocker LS but I could see my mushy mommy-belly too clearly so I passed. I really like the style of both - figure skimming and flattering.

I tried on the Cool Down jacket and liked the slouchy casualness of it. I didn't care for the reverse look of the Sheer Luon side that much but it makes a very soft liner. I thought the jacket fit true to size.

I tried on the Cool Down pant. They are very lightweight and flow-y feeling but I didn't love them on me. I'm just not a huge fan of tencel. At $108 I'd rather get a pair of Still pants for the same money.

I tried on the Let It Loose today. I didn't like it as much as I do the No Limit Tank. I think because the body of the tank starts rather low and I am a bit short waisted, the tank made me look stubby. Also, the sheer luon is super light and doesn't drape the same as circle mesh so that probably added to stubbiness. I thought the tank ran on the larger side and if you are a twelve in the No Limit, then a ten in the Let It Loose tank will probably work for you. The luxtreme bra in the Let It Loose is more forgiving than the Flow Y in the No Limit. Also, the sheer luon is more forgiving than circle mesh and the body of the tank is cut very generously so you don't have to worry it will cling too much to your tummy if you size down. The educator in the store told me she sized down in this tank. I typically layer another bra under the No Limit for workouts so I couldn't see getting another tank that I need to wear another bra under. I love the airy feeling of sheer luon but since I am busty, the Power Dance works much better for me and gives me the same airy feeling around my tummy but without making me look stubby. Don't get me wrong, this is a very cute and lightweight tank but I have two No Limit Tanks and two Power Dance tanks so I can easily live without this one. If you are a fan of the No Limit and need a lightweight tank for hot yoga or summer workouts be sure to check out the Let It Loose. You might want to try the next size down since it is generously cut through the body.

NEW! Heathered Wren Clam Diggers

Heathered Wren Clam Diggers are showing up in my Canadian product alerts. I am still waiting for the Heathered Wren Still shorts to make it to the US. Hurry up and send these here, lulu!

Product Alert Info - Cool Down Jacket, Cool Down Pant, Cool Down Crop, and More

Product Information on the Cool Down Jacket:
  • Coal, Black, White, Wren
  • 4-12
  • $128

 Info on the Cool Down Pant:
  • Keep cool to and from yoga in this light and breezy pant
  • Smooth roll down waistband for customizable rise
  • Loose fit pant for max movement
  • Tencel® is derived from wood pulp and is soft, light and breathable
  • Stretch drawcord in hem allows for pant adjustability
  • Black, Coal, Wren
  • Sizes 4-12
  • Don't have a price but probably around $100-110
 Info on the Cool Down crop:

  • Dance your way to and from yoga practice in this light weight cinchable crop
  • Tencel® is derived from wood pulp and is soft, light and breathable
  • Loose fit, medium rise crop is great to layer or wear on its own to and from class
  • Ribbed elastic waistband is smooth on the body and keeps crop in place
  • Front pockets to secure $ & keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk
  • Coal, Black, Wren
  • Sizes 4-12
  • $92
 Info about the Sunbeam Pullover:

  • Designed for running in the sun, this body-skimming, long sleeve pullover lets you enjoy your run without having to worry about damaging UV (Ultraviolet) rays
  • Lightweight UPF jersey fabric wicks moisture, and provides excellent sun coverage
  • Body-mapped with anti-stink circle mesh for extra breathability
  • Cuffins with thumbholes keep your hands protected!
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams
  • Sizes 4-10
  • White, Toothpaste, Blurred Gray
  • $98
 Info about the Run: Split Short:

  • This short-length, low rise technical running short was made for winning marathons!
  • Ultra light swift is wicking, quick drying & breathable - virtually weightless
  • Soft wicking ultra light liner
  • New lightweight smooth, wide waistband with anti-stink circle mesh against your skin
  • Continuous drawcord
  • Storage! Secure back zipper pocket & 2 gel pockets on the front
  • Undo the button to increase mobility
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams
  • Sizes 2-10