Monday, May 9, 2011

The Waltz Pant Turns Into Crops (and More)

The new Waltz pants have ties in the bottom to turned them into crops. However, it looks like she knotted the fabric on her left leg. Hmm, need to see more photos for clarification. Update- readers are writing in there is no tie at the bottom and that the educator invented this style. I know the old Jesus pant did not have ties, so was puzzled at this update. However, lulu is a bit tie-happy on their pants IMO so it could have been possible.

More photos showing the Willpower catching in the armpit area causing creases on your chest (and now back!).

Blurred Gray Chai Time Pullover

Lululemon Caps - Then and Now

Thought I'd do a comparison of the latest cap design to last summer's. There are a few changes. First, the new cap has reflective striping around the pocket zipper where the old one did not. Both still have a reflective edging on the brim.

Second change - both have the discreet metal 'lululemon' tag on the front but there is no reflective logo on the back. Not sure why it was eliminated because it's on the newest visors that are out. I hate to be a status whore but I'd like my lulu symbol back, please. It also adds an element of reflectivity to the hat from the back/left side.

Another rather significant change is that the adjustable strap is now velcro instead of a slide buckle system.  I can't say I'm a big fan of the velcro, too much. It tends to grab my hair and make removing the hat painful. I much prefer the other method.

NEW! Wren Groove Pants! And More of the Latest Arrivals

Groove pants in Wren!!! Love!

The Bliss tank is very pretty but the Tencel does get wrinkled easily.

New Citron Willpower SS tech with coordinating Tinted Canvas Speed Shorts

New Scubas in Surge and Toothpaste

Circuit Tank shown with Coal It's a Cinch Crops. I didn't realize these were reversible. Not reversible - the red waistband is just the inside of the gray flipped in half.

More Full Eagle love

Static Totally Totetastic - reverses to black

Circuit Tank in Heathered Coal Wee Stripe

Product Alert Photos

Surge Cross Train Cap. Also comes in Grapeseed. These were at my local store so I would think they'll show up on line on Wednesday.

Surge Visor, also comes in Grapeseed. Also at my local store.

Full Eagle in Tinted Canvas - All the photos of the web model in the Full Eagle tank look awful on her. She looks wide in this one. Must be the angle. Anyway, go by the educator photos. They all wear this tank so much better.At my local store so I would think will be uploaded this week.

Willpower SS Tech in Citron. Did not see this in my store.

Bliss Tank- Did not see these in my store this weekend, either.

New Technique Polo technical shirt for men. Interesting. The red is a new color called Currant but looks almost like Tango.  Is it collared so you can go from work to the gym without changing your shirt? I mean, I do see (middle-aged/older) men in the gym working out wearing street clothes like polo shirts and khakis (or even jeans - gah!) but I kind of mentally smirk at them. Or, is this really intended to be a golf or tennis shirt? Just gave my a husband a quick quiz and he said he would not choose a collared shirt for the gym. Hey, lulu can you make a technical collared shirt for us ladies for golf, too? Not all husbands ditch their wives to play.
  • A light-as-mesh performance top made for moderate to intense workouts
  • Lightweight, breathable, wicking Silverescent™ with antistink and antistatic properties
  • Has a great slim fit
  • Soft Luxtreme™ neckband and inserts for increased stretchability and comfort
  • Flat-seamed for chafe resistance and comfort
  • Currant, Black (where is the white?)
New Move It Tech in Currant - It's weird. I saw the Move It Tech in the store and some were made of silverescent and some of swiftly-style knit silverescent so there are two flavors of this shirt.

Even though the hunky model is wearing it, I still think this looks like a pirate shirt.

The man (Jaimy) who sent in his photos and a review of the Tempo Tech gave a little more follow regarding the fit of lululemon shirts and how they aren't geared towards muscular guys. He writes, "the tee shirts especially run really small in the chest/shoulders. To get a size that fits well in that area, the area around the stomach looks like a smock."

NEW! Split Short

  • This short-length, low rise technical running short was made for winning marathons!
  • Ultra light swift is wicking, quick drying & breathable - virtually weightless
  • Soft wicking ultra light liner
  • New lightweight smooth, wide waistband with anti-stink circle mesh against your skin
  • Continuous drawcord
  • Storage! Secure back zipper pocket & 2 gel pockets on the front
  • Undo the button to increase mobility
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams
  • sizes 2-10

The Latest - Visors, Hats, Circuit, Full Eagle, and Bliss Tanks

Waltz Pant. These look so cute on this woman. I am going to have to try these on when they get here.

Willpower SS with matching Reflective Visor. The new Visors and Caps were at my store this weekend. The cap doesn't have a lululemon logo on it, just a little metal bar with the name lululemon. I wouldn't mind the logo - it adds another reflective element. The new cap also has a velcro closure instead of a buckle-type system.

Reflection Visor in Surge.

The Circuit Tank is so cute I wish it worked for me. Be sure to wear this and move around in it for a good 15 minutes before taking the tags off. It gave me pressure points similar to the 50 Rep bra - at the front of the armpit, neck, and shoulder blade areas.

Mind Over Matter luxtreme pullover in coal / white microstripe (I think) and Surge Blue cap.

Bliss Tanks in black and white. Comes in sizes 2-10. Here is an older review.

Oh yes, I am hearing there won't be any big product drops because stores got the Circuit Tank and Full Eagle plus a few other goodies late last week for Mother's Day. That works for me (somewhat). However, someone just wrote they bought a pair of Heathered Wren Still shorts at their store. If any of you in the US have seen those, can you post? I really would like a pair.

A Man's Review of the Lululemon Men's Tempo Tech SS

 Reader Jaimy from Texas sent in some photos and a review (thanks, Jaimy!) of the Men's Tempo Tech SS shirt. He writes:

"I think these shirts look great on guys like me with muscles. Virtually everyone I trained the other day when I was wearing the soot one, gave me compliments on it. Most lulu t-shirts look comical on me (and a lot of other people) but these fit perfectly. At least they came out with a white trainer polo at my local store finally. I think pastels and light colors can look cool on polos (and dress shirts) but super stupid on tshirts and most other articles of clothing."

If any other men want to send in modeling shots and/or reviews I'll post them. There are more than a few male readers of this blog and many of the ladies who read the blog have husbands, boyfriends, fathers, or brothers to buy for so we appreciate your insights into the fit and performance of the clothes. We also don't mind seeing photos of muscular men in our favorite brand of athletic wear.  ;-)  

Do you think Thor would look good in Lululemon? 

NEW! Sun Blocker LS is Coming Back

Reader Nicole spotted this in her recent issue of Competitor magazine. I think I had heard or read somewhere that Lululemon was going to come back with more SPF gear. I wonder if the material has changed at all because I remember it felt like a medical glove.  However, I know lots of ladies love the Sun Blocker from last summer.

Last year's Sun Blocker LS