Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today' s Shopping Trip - Full Eagle Tank, Willpower Tech SS, and More

I couldn't resist the beauty of the Black Citron Tinted Canvas Full Eagle Tank and came home with it. Although one of the LA area stores posted it went to a twelve my local stores only had it to a ten and when I called the GEC to check local stock they thought it only went to a ten also. Ten makes sense since that is what the regular Eagle Tank went to. I bought it even though it's rather obscene on me at the moment. I have yet to try it with my Free to Be bra underneath which may help things a bit. I did try a few different bras while I was in the store and thought the Arise looked pretty good underneath if you want some additional coverage. Anywhoo, I'll keep the tags on just in case there is a twelve and will exchange for a chance to wear it now rather than a few months from now when I've dropped some more weight. I thought the fit was identical to the old Eagle Tank, just a longer version of it. It's such a cute tank and you don't feel the vertical seems along the tummy. This tank may be more of a casual wear tank than a work out tank for me since it's so low cut but I don't care. I think it's beautiful and it's made of one of my favorite summer fabrics, luxtreme. If a Push UR Limits comes out in a version with an all-over print I might exchange this but for now I'm keeping it as a motivation tank.

The middle photo shows a crease from the armpit into the bust where the sleeve lays wrong
I tried on the new Willpower SS shirt and really disliked it. The sleeves are weirdly attached and tight at the openings so the top fit odd. The sleeve kind of catches on your arm and causes a crease at the top of the breast which you can see in the photo above and photos below. I thought the chest in this tank was very roomy. However, the sleeve design is so weird there is no way I'd get this shirt. It's not just a tight sleeve, there is something about the design geometry that causes the shirt to move wrong/uncomfortably with your arm.

Sleeve attachment on the Willpower Tech SS
Top left photo shows tight sleeve opening & crease at top of bust
Sleeve opening looks tight causing a crease from armpit to top of bust

I also tried on the new Heathered Blurred Gray Power Dance Tank. From the photo I thought the top part was plain coal and the sheer luon was the blurred gray but the top is Heathered Blurred Gray. This version is also made of luon on top (contrary to the tag). I have two Power Dance Tanks so I passed but I like HBG and wanted to try it on.

I also bought myself the Surge Cross Training Cap today. I already have the Potion Purple and the purple ombre black plaid from last summer but no blues so I got the Surge. I am hoping a Surge Swiftly racerback is coming out soon. I am going to need something to match with it.  ;-)

I got my sister a Pink Mist Mind Over Matter Pullover. There were only three of them left so they are going like hotcakes. I wanted to give it a try but my size was long gone. Since my sister's size was gone I was trying to decide whether to get her the next size down or up and fwiw, the ladies there told me they thought they fit a bit on the small side.

Try On Report: Circuit Tank

I got a chance to go to my local store this afternoon. I tried a few of the new items on. This review is about the Circuit Tank. I really wanted to like this one. I like the look of the V-neck and the key-hole back. One of my first issues is that this is made of luon light. In the summer months I tend to switch to my lighter weight tanks - silverescent, swiftly, luxtreme, circle mesh, and sheer  luon. I find luon light kind of hot for summer workouts and especially in my spin class which gets very overheated in the summer. Some tanks in luon light feel very cool and others feel kind of heavy. I tried on the Circuit Tank in Tango, Black, and the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. All of them felt thicker than a typical CRB and itchy, which is not typical of this fabric. 

My second issue was with the puckers on the breast. I just didn't like how they looked on me. If they were smaller, I could have lived with them but they were very noticeable and stretched over half my boob:

I was kind of surprised the puckers were still so noticeable because I thought being bustier would minimize them.

However, I probably would have lived with both these issues but the biggest one was that this tank caused pressure points along the front of my armpit and at my neck/shoulder/shoulder blade. It reminded me a lot of how I feel when wearing the 50 Rep Bra.

50 Rep
I know some people can wear a 50 Rep with no problem but there are more than a few people in the reviews on the Lululemon website that mention issues with pressure points and this bra. I think if you are a person who has had issues with the 50 Rep you will most likely have issues with the Circuit Tank. If you don't have any problems with the 50 Rep, go ahead and buy/order this tank. It's a fairly long tank, runs true to size or a bit roomy, and has a figure flattering design. Contrary to some reports I didn't have too much trouble getting it off. I tried both my typical tank size and the next size down. The support is on the lower end of medium. I'd put it similar to a Power Y. I would walk and lift weights in it but I'd probably find too much jiggle on the elliptical. I played with the adjustable bra and putting cups in to maximize support but still on the lower side of moderate for busty women. If this tank came in luxtreme, I might have overlooked the pucker and pressure issues to give it a try but all these things added up to no sale for me.