Monday, May 2, 2011

Photos of the Latest to Hit the Stores

Cool Racerback in Heathered Toothpaste

Mind Over Matter Tech SL tanks in Grapeseed and Tango Red.

Mind Over Matter Pullover in Static Coal.

Photo of the new Pink Mist Energy Bra. I am definitely getting this one. I would also love if this came out in a hot pink like Senorita or Neon Pink - something fun to peep out from under black tanks.

Photo of the Wren Do It All Short. However, what I am really looking at is the tee she is wearing with it. Does anyone know if this is an older tee or a new one? I really like it.

New LS Swiftly in Surge Blue.

Photo of the Pink Mist Space Dye Scoop Neck Tank. I like this a lot.

The Blurred Gray/ Tootpaste Inspire crops. These are a bit light for me but they are really pretty.

New In Stride Jackets - Pink Mist, Light Gray Pique, and Heathered Blurred Gray. Coal/White Microstripe.

Coal It's a Cinch Crop

The Black Citron Tinted Canvas Totally Totetastic Tote reverses to Tango Red.

Interesting White/Nude Ta Ta Tamer. The nude section makes it look like you are showing your cleavage when you really aren't.

Power Dance Tanks - Surge, Pink Mist Space Dye, and Black

New Wunder Unders in Heathered Blurred Gray. These looks so pretty with the Grapeseed and Toothpaste tops.

NEW! Energy Bra Colors and Totally Tote Tastic Bag Is Back!

The Energy Bra is being offered in White and Pink Mist. I am thinking I might like to get Pink Mist since the white tends to yellow under the arms but maybe I will go with the white. I'll have to take a survey of my closet to see which will coordinate with more things.

New Totally Tote Tastic bags are back. I'm loving the Tinted Canvas print one.

More Photos of the Latest - Mind Over Matter Tech SL, Do It All Shorts, and More

Pink Mist long sleeve swiftly shown with the matching Inspire crops. Love this!

 New Grapeseed version of the Mind Over Matter Tech SL. It's made of silverescent circle mesh.

Do It All short in Coal shown with Toothpaste Scoop Neck tank.

Dip Dye Scuba in Heathered Clarity Gray and Iris

Toothpaste Swiftly tank and Heathered Blurred Gray Wunder Unders (? not sure of the crops)

Full length photo of the It's A Cinch crops. A lot of you who have tried them on say the fit is odd - too much fabric in the crotch or that you have to size down. The fit does not look optimum in this photo. I am hoping to try these on soon but early reports are rather discouraging.

NEW! Mind Over Matter Tech SL Tech, Photos of the New Power Dance Tanks, and More

New Mind Over Matter SL Tech in Tango Red. This looks very similar to last year's Energy SL Tech. The ruffles on the back are cute but I don't really care for them creeping over the shoulder down to my boob. I'll try it on but I really prefer the Energy SL. I will post when I find out what other colors this comes in. I do like the Tango color and love that there aren't any silly saying on the front.

FYI - Last year's Energy SL Tech
The new Pink Mist Space Dye Power Dance Tank. This is on my must have list for this month. I love the Power Dance.

Great photo showing a more voluptuous figure in the Power Dance Tank. I'm pretty sure the Power Dance was designed with bustier women (or women who prefer more coverage) in mind. If you need more support, try layering the Energy, 50 Rep, or Flow Y bra underneath. Lately, I've been layering my Energy bra.

Close up of the Surge Power Dance Tank showing what Surge Sheer luon looks like. The photo in the lower left corner shows the new colors of the Power Dance - Pink Mist Space Dye, Surge, and Black.

New In Stride Jacket in Pink Mist. (Shown with the new Blurred Gray Inspire Crops)

More new In Instride Jackets - Heathered Blurred Gray (? I think), Pink Mist and ?

NEW! Power Dance Tanks, Do It All Shorts, Inspire Crops, Scoop Neck Tank, In Stride Jacket Colors

New Power Dance Tanks are coming out in Surge and Pink Mist Space Dye/Pink Mist. I think I must get the Pink Mist Space Dye version. I love the Power Dance Tank. The sheer luon bottom is so light and airy it makes me feel like I'm only wearing a sports bra to work out.

This photo is for reference only to show you what Pink Mist Space Dye looks like (middle).

New Inspire Crops in Blurred Gray and Toothpaste/Toothpast Seabed. These look a bit lighter than Coal.

New Scoop Neck in Toothpaste. There is also a new Scoop Neck in Pink Mist Space Dye.

Photo of the new longer version of the Do It All Short. These are Wren.