Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pics of Coming Items (Updated)

Ok, I may have to try on the Toothpaste Scoop after all. It looks really cute on this woman. It will look really pretty with a bit of a tan. (Shown with the Bandhas crops in Heathered Blurred Gray)

Close up photo of the waistband of the It's a Cinch Crops.

 Full length view of It's a Cinch Crops

I'm not sure if the gray in the waistband is a new static, micro-stripe, wee-stripe, blurred-something but I think it might be new. There's a good chance I am wrong - it's so hard to keep up with all the variations of static/blurred black and grays. I like it, whatever it is. It's Static Black and Pink Mist.

The Oatmeal/Ash Dip Dye Scuba. I kind of like it but we're heading into summer. Where's the Scuba Light? ;-)

Today's Upload

I wasn't around for this morning's (eventual) upload since I was helping chaperone my first grader's field trip to the Long Beach Aquarium. However, I did check in now and then on my phone. I saw some goodies did show up:

The Tango Red Speed Skirt sold out very quickly. I hope all that wanted one, got one.

The Canadian side got the Surge CRB but we didn't. If you have an Oasis CRB I really think you don't need the Surge. The colors are very similar if not identical.

Canada also got the Wren Modern Racer. This is a tank that I might use my $20 credit on. I've been looking for it in my local stores but it hasn't shown up yet.

Canada also got the new Push UR Limits. Neither of the colors excites me too much.

Lots of Scoop Neck tanks showed up today - yay!

The It's a Cinch crops did not show up today so I am thinking they will be arriving in stores next week and hopefully make the upload. I really want to give these a try. Anyone try these on yet?

I was also toying with the idea of ordering the Black Seabed Lively Tee with my $20 credit. However, I'd really like an Ivory or pale gray tee so I may wait.

This upload pretty much catches the website up with what is in the stores now. I hope we will start seeing some lightweight running tops in silverescent, circle mesh, luxtreme, and other cool fabrics for summer show up soon.

Did  you all order anything today?