Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Upload Thursday?

Today was the traditional upload to the men's and headwear side (the white Cross Train cap - an excellent cap for summer) of the website so it looks like tomorrow will be a regular upload. What do you think we will see?

I think we will definitely see the new Bow Tee. Can't say I am super excited about this one but will try it on next time I am in the store.

I would think there is a good chance we'll see the new Tango Red Speed skirt. I think these will go fast so order early.

I think the Tango Red Speed Shorts will also make an appearance. There is a also a lot of excitement about these so order right away when they do show.

I'm not sure if the It's a Cinch crops will make it tomorrow. If they do this might be what I will order with my $20 credit lulu is giving out for the delayed April 15/16 shipments (I finally got my missing package today - yay!). However, you have to order through the GEC and not directly from the website.

I think we'll see the new Embrace, Salutation, and Banhas crops, and the new Mudra pants, too. None of those excite me although I would like to try on the new Mudra pants.

I'm thinking the Heathered Blurred Gray Define gets uploaded because I don't think it has show up yet (or did I miss it?).

It would be nice if some more Scoop Neck tanks were uploaded. There has only been black for the longest while. There is a new Heathered Blurred Gray version out, too. I really like HBG but that and Heathered Sand Dune seem to really show lumps and bumps. However, I am a huge athletic gray fan so we'll see. However, it was in the 80s today and I was getting a little hot in the gym in my new Black Seabed Power Y so it may be time to switch to lighter tanks like my Swiftly and Circle Mesh CRBs.

I bet the new Get Up and Go jacket will make an appearance. I am hearing this runs tight in the shoulders for those that typically find this in some of the lulu running jackets.

I am thinking the Push UR Limits might show up.

I'm sure the Best Breath Wrap will also show up. This one is made of the stiff and wrinkly Tencel fabric that I am not a fan of. Until a really unique wrap comes along I will stick with my $20 Costco DKNY wrap. I just bought another today in black.

What are you hoping for tomorrow? There is nothing really on my list but if some interesting new tank shows up I may get it.