Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Your Wayward Packages Are Taking the Scenic Route to Your Home

I'm reading stories that people who had bad tracking information are starting to receive their packages. They are saying that the boxes are a little beat up and have multiple address stickers. So, it seems like Fedex/Lulu was able to find them and get them to you after all. If you have received your wayward package and it looks a little travel worn, let us know. (Lulu posted tonight that the bad routing was only for orders made on April 15th and 16th and that everything is ok now.)

Photos - Ways to Wear the Vinyasa Scarf and More

Hints on how to wear your Vinyasa Scarf

The Heathered Sand Dune Define shown with a Pink Mist CRB and the Heathered Wren Back Bend crops. When I was at the store yesterday the educator said she like the way this Define looked with her Denim Wren crops rather than plain Wren pants. I was underwhelmed by how they looked against a pair of Wren Still pants when I held them up. Maybe I'll give this jacket another try. It's so soft and I'm hoping it won't show perspiration.

The Mind Over Matter jacket is cute from the back. Too bad it's so expensive.

New Items Uploaded Today and More Photos

So, Lululemon says they are going to upload a little every day this week so it pays to check your computers throughout the morning. I saw the message pop up when I was at the gym. Today it was a lot of the Black Citron Tinted Canvas Print. I wasn't sure I liked the print at first but after finding a Scoop Neck with a lot of citron and black I am glad I bought it. My husband even complimented me on it yesterday which is incredibly rare for him. He doesn't care for the prints too much. Unfortunately, the Scoop Neck wasn't uploaded this morning.

The Tinted Canvas CRB and Modern Racer were uploaded. We have seen a lot of photos of this paired with the polocrosse crops or white dance studio crops where it looked super cute. I almost considered getting the CRB in this yesterday but one tank in this print is enough.

The Deep Breath was uploaded, too. It didn't work well for my chest but it's a very flattering tank and many ladies are loving it.

The super cute Tinted Canvas was also uploaded. I really like this tank. I wish it liked me back.  ;-)

A few other crops, jackets, tops, and goodies like the white visor and some new headbands.  Did you take a chance and order something today? More than a few people's orders seemed to have gone astray but Lululemon is insisting that Fedex is showing the wrong tracking info in their system and you will all get your orders (eventually). The white headband I ordered last week is supposed to arrive on Friday so I would think quite a few people will know by Friday if they are really getting their packages or not. I ordered another headband today - the blurred gray and tango red Dance Headband so we'll see how quickly that shows up. 

Iris (I think), Grapeseed, and Toothpaste Scoop Neck Tanks

Back Bend crops in heathered wren - this view shows the waistband detail

Bandhas crop

Heathered Blurred Gray Define and White Dance Studio Pants

V-Neck Swiftly Tees

Mind Over Matter Jacket

Modern Racer Tanks in Tinted Canvas and Tango Red

Pure Focus