Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toothpaste and Pink Mist Tanks Are In the Stores

I forgot to write that my local stores had solid Toothpaste and Pink Mist Scoop Neck tanks. They also had the colors in CRBs and Power Ys, too. I can't say I like pastel colors that much when it comes to my gym clothes. I usually prefer to wear a jolt of bold color, a unique print, or to rock all-black like I'm some sort of bad-ass special forces agent. However, I really liked the Pink Mist CRB when I tried in on today but I was considering that more for street wear use. However, I have to say I wouldn't mind trying on the Pink Mist Scoop when it shows up in my size. I ended up selling my Bubbilicious CRB and Push UR Limits after awhile because I didn't care for that tone of pink so I am worried I would do the same with Pink Mist.

So I played with my Vinyasa scarf tonight. I can't really say I like it that much. I would like to use it as a kind of shrug but it keeps falling off my shoulders no matter how I configure it, so it's kind of a fail that way. I'm just not a scarf person, I guess. I am thinking I might trade them in for the Heathered Blurred Gray Define. Sure, I can totally justify that decision. $40 scarf for a $99 jacket. Well, maybe the Pink Mist CRB at least.

Lululemon in Real Life - The Boston Marathon

Reader Baby Karrot from Boston sent in a ton of photos of ladies wearing Lulu at the Boston Marathon. I just love seeing how people mix and match their lulu in real life. This is what she writes:

I was watching the boston marathon today (at Kenmore square, which is the 25th mile) from 12:30pm - 2:30pm and realized that I was seeing SO MUCH lulu.  I started taking photos of these amazing beautiful women, and compiled them into collages.  If you think the people being photographed wouldn't mind, please post them!  A lot of them were very creative with their outfits, mixing and matching knee socks, tutus, etc. -- super, super cute!  Sorry, a lot of the images are blurry or are from behind (had to check for the logo!).  These women were running pretty fast.  I figure they must have been running at a 3:00-5:00 hr marathon pace.  It was a huge inspiration to me, and I'd love to run it myself someday.  They aren't in any particular order, but I did make some effort to group the photos (speed shorts, ikat, unicorn tears, etc).

Lots of Unicorn Tears Print at the Marathon

A Power V? That's going back quite aways.

Ikat made a good showing at the Marathon, too.

The top left looks like the brand new Heathered Sand Dune Scoop Neck.

The Latest - Black Denim Wunder Unders, Mind Over Matter Jacket, and More

Back Bend Crops in the Heathered Wren.

I wonder if there will be a Grapeseed Seabed version of this tank. I kinda like the black. At both my local stores and the El Segundo store the black seabed It's a Cinch dress was sold out. Both stores only had a couple of the dresses left in red or black.

Chai Time pullovers

Tinted Canvas Pure Focus paired with Black Denim Wunder Unders.

More Black Denim Wunder Unders

Heathered Blurred Gray Define

Mind Over Matter in White

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to my local stores today to try and find the black Seabed Power Y to try on. The stores had it but only up to a size 8. I think sometimes the initial shipment the stores get are the smaller sizes and then they get the larger ones a day or so later. Anyway, I didn't get to try it on but I did try some other new stuff on.

First up, the Sing Floss Travel Jacket. I really liked this. As people have noted, it's very similar to the Wear With All. I think it's a few inches shorter since the zipper is not two-way like in the WWA. The zipper is made of metal. However, it isn't a super sharp metal and in the jacket I tried on the zipper was black so it's not that ugly brass zipper lulu was using in some of their jackets.

Close Up of the Metal Zipper
One-way Zipper
It's a nice enough jacket but the colors it's out in right now are kind of dull. If something super cute like the WWA below comes along I might consider getting it but for right now I can live without it. I also wouldn't mind it in a brighter, fun color for summer.

Two Tone Wear With All
The stores also have a bunch of new Scoop Neck tanks. This is another one that was made in Canada. It is black and Concord Grape.

I haven't seen any photos of this one, either. This is the all-sailor stripe Scoop. This is also made in Canada.

There is also a new Coal and White Microstripe Scoop Neck out. This one is not made in Canada. I was very tempted to get this today.

 I didn't get a Scoop Neck today but I did buy the Black and Fruity Tootie one yesterday.

I tried on the Black Citron Tinted Canvas Pure Focus today. I liked it but the band of the print at the bottom hit me at the widest part of my hips and since I am a pear-shape I didn't like how it drew attention to that area. I have the black version of this tank and the bottom band just blends into my pants. I also tried on the Grapeseed one and liked that better since the it's all one color but I decided I could live without it.

I tried on the Heathered Sand Dune and Heathered Blurred Gray Define jackets today. I love the feel of the heathered luons. They are so soft and feel almost like running luon. The Heathered Sand Dune is pretty but I really have nothing to wear with it except my Sand Dune microstripe CRB and my Wren Defines and Wren Dance Studio Crops, neither of which I would wear to the gym. I also would have preferred the Heathered Sand Dune Define to be all one color to make coordinating tops easier.  I really loved the Heathered Blurred Gray Define. It was super soft and so cozy. However, I thought it might show perspiration when I use it for walking. I might think about it and decide to get it anyway since it feels so good on but I've been spending enough at lulu lately and don't really need another jacket. I also tried on the Tango Red Define but the orange tones in the red really turn me off. Also, I can't really figure out what to wear it with other than my black and gray tops. Most of my tanks are purple, pink, peachy, and wish/bold blue - none of which coordinate with Tango Red. I have a Passion Define that goes with a lot of tops I already have so I don't need another jacket from the bright orange family in my wardrobe.

I tried the new Back Bend Crops. I had to try the next size down so I didn't get a good sense of what they would really look like. They have a nice wide waistband that I love. The luon also seemed to be the new better luon that my new Groove pants are made of. The product alerts I saw said they go up to a 12 so I am hoping they will show up in my size at the store.  I liked them but I don't know if I would get them over a pair of Groove crops.

I saw the new Mind over Matter Jacket. It does look very cute on the hanger. However, it is priced at $128 and I cannot see paying that for a half a windbreaker without zipper pockets. If it hits the mark down racks at around $40 I might get one.

There are a couple of new wide headbands out in light gray pique and the coal white microstripe. I got the pique headband. I also get a couple of Vinyasa scarves. I bought a static coal one at the first store and then I saw the light gray pique at the second. I am only going to keep one, probably the light gray pique version.

I see the website uploaded some new stuff in Tango Red. I would have thought they put up some of the Black Citron Tinted Canvas print stuff.

 I forgot to add I also tried the V-neck swiftly on. I liked it and didn't see much difference in fit from a regular swiftly, although those tend to be all over the place depending on color. I have five swiftly tees so don't really need one but if it comes out in an unusual color like Savage green I'd pick one up.