Monday, April 18, 2011

More Photos of the Latest - Scuba, Crops, Scoop Neck

Tango Red and Grapeseed Scuba hoodies. I love the Grapeseed one.

Bandhas crop photos.

Dahlia Scoop Neck - I must try this on

Photos of the Bandhas and Backbend Crops

Wow, these crops have a lot going on. Stitching here,there, everywhere. Hmmm, a bit busy for me to like much, in this color anyway.

Backbend Crops - the third color is Heathered Wren/Wren.

Speed Skirt in Grapeseed Seabed.

 I read that the Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket has a metal zipper. I much prefer the big plastic one like on the Wear With Alls and the Define Jacket.

 I thought I could live with just owning one Pure Focus tank but I really like this one with the Tinted Canvas print.

Ivivva Shape Up Shrug - Bring It to the Women's Line, Lulu!

A woman posted a photo of herself wearing the Ivivva Shape Up Shrug. It is super cute! Why can't Lululemon make something like this for us? I would love this!

The Shape Up is made of luon and circle mesh. Ivivva goes up to size 14 which can fit a size 4/6 woman.

Bandhas Crops, Turbo Shorts, and More New Colors in Old Favorites

Heathered Blurred Gray Still Pants. Where are my Wren Still shorts, lulu?

These Tango Red Speed shorts are super cute.

I keep misreading the name of the Bandhas crops as the Badass crops. They look ok but kind of like Wunder Unders with an annoying tie that probably is easily undone at the bottom. Not super excited about these.

  • Tight fit, medium rise crop works with you in the gym and in your yoga class
  • Luon®, our signature fabric: breathable with coverage, cotton-feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing freedom of movement
  • Medium rise, elastic waistband keep crop in place during movement
  • Gusset designed for greater range of movement & comfort
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk
  • 2-10
  • Coal, Black, Heathered Blurred Gray
 Product Info on the new longer and looser fitting Turbo short:
  • Our signature mid-length, technical running short
  • Lightweight & wicking swift fabric with 2-way stretch
  • Soft wicking COOLMAX® liner
  • Medium-rise with smooth wide waistband
  • Continuous drawcord that won't come out in the wash
  • Storage! Secure key pocket on back waistband & 2 gel pockets on the front 
  • 2-12

Backbend Crop Product Info - Looks Promising!

OK, I really like the look of the new Backbend Crop. I like crops that have a little freedom at the knee/calf like my favorites the Groove Crops and Boogie Crops. I am loving the shorter length. The product alert email says these go up to a 12 so I will have to give these a try. The email says they come in Coal and Black, Black, and HTHW/SDWW/SSSS - any guesses on that last one? Heathered Wren Something Something?

  • Body skimming, straight leg crop to choose your favourite backbend pose in
  • Luon®, our signature fabric: breathable with coverage, cotton-feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing freedom of movement
  • Smooth & flat waistband, medium rise, slim fit
  • Waistband inner stash pocket to secure $ & keys
  • Gusset designed for greater range of movement & comfort
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort

More Photos - Black Mind Over Matter Jacket , Backbend Crops, Chai Time Pullover

The black Mind Over Matter jacket with striped mesh in the back. I just read that these are $118 but may be restickered to $128. Way over-priced IMO. This jacket has a very limited function as far as I can tell.

Another photo of the Backbend crops. These are made of luon. They look cute. I will have to try them on.

 The Chai Time Pullover is hitting stores. I would like it better if it was a couple of inches longer.

Photos of the Latest Arrivals - Backbend Crop, Bandhas Crop, Mind Over Matter Jacket and More

Lots of new things hitting the stores today...

New Backbend crops and White Pure Focus Tank. The white pure focus is rather naughty looking here. I'll have to find more photos to see if it is actually see through or just gives that appearance.

New Bandhas Crop, Tango Red Define, Tango Red and Grapeseed Scubas.

New Mind Over Matter Jacket - wow, I hope this one isn't too expensive since a large portion is made of mesh. I have no desire at all to get this. It also comes in black.

Tango Red and Blurred Gray Define Jackets. Shown with pinstripe Speed shorts and Black Seabed Turbo Shorts.

Close Up of the Turbo shorts in Black Seabed.

Speed Skirt in Grapeseed Seabed print.

Dance Studio Crops in white - they are lined.

 Dance Studio pants in white shown with the new Define colors.

New Pure Focus in what looks like Coal.

Heathered Sand Dune Define with the Wee Stripe logo insert.

Pure Focus Tank in Grapeseed

New Pure Focus Tank in white, Tinted Canvas Print/Coal, and Grapeseed

Hot Hot Short shown with the White Pure Focus Tank

Pink Mist Scoop Neck with white Dance Studio Crops

Scoop Neck in Solid Dahlia. - I wonder if this is one the new Canadian made Scoop Necks that are showing up in the stores lately. Dahlia is an older color. I am wondering if lululemon is using up old bolts of luon fabric.

V-neck Swiftly tees in Tango Red and Grapeseed

Speed shorts in Grapeseed Seabed print

Sing Floss Travel Jackets

No Color Upload This Morning?

Hmmm, Lululemon posted this on their facebook site this morning:

We're being told we'll likely see colour this week, but we don't have a date just yet. As with any renovation, there are bumps and kinks that occur along the way and prevent us from being able to provide exact dates. As soon as we have a better idea, you will all be the first to know! Please keep a close eye on our Facebook page as we'll be posting updates as soon as we have them.

Added just a few minutes ago to further inquiry:

We're not sure when exactly we'll see coloured items on the site, but we're hoping it will be as early as this week! We'll provide updates as soon as we have them. Thank you so much for your patience while we work through this transition. You guys are amazing, and our tech team is working hard to get you colour as soon as possible!