Sunday, April 17, 2011

NEW! Black Citron Tinted Canvas Pure Focus Tank

This just popped up on ebay but I'm pretty sure it'll be arriving in stores very soon (and hopefully tomorrow on line) - the Black Citron Tinted Canvas Pure Focus. I already have a black one but maybe I'll get this one, too, even if they are similar in color. It looks like the body of this one is gray rather than black, but I could be wrong.

More Pics

Black and Fruity Tootie Scoop Neck Tank.

Now that the Pure Focus tanks are coming back in new colors I had to post this photo of  a woman who wears it so well. I wore this yesterday to my son's all-day track meet. It was the perfect thing to wear while broiling in the hot sun. Love!

This is nearly how much cleavage I showed in the Deep Breath tank when it worked it's way down. If you are well endowed, make sure you wear it for a good ten or so minutes and do small things in it like put your laundry away to see if it shifts down on you and reveals more than you are willing to show.