Friday, April 8, 2011

Does Not Compute...

Fit Sugar has a poll on their website and one of the questions is whether you dress up in cute clothes to work out in. 72% said NO. I know this answer makes no sense to us Lululemon Addicts.  Don't these ladies realize how much better their workouts will be if they look good while they work out? ;-)  I think a bunch of men tanked the answer on this one anyway. Most ladies I see at the gym have decently cute or at least color coordinated outfits on when they work out even if they aren't Lululemon.

Product Alert Photos of the Latest Arrivals

Scuba in Grapeseed - love this. It's from an Australian product alert.

Tango Red Power Y

Lots of bottoms showing up in the Tinted Canvas Print:

Tinted Canvas Print Inspire Crops

Groove Crops in the Tinted Canvas Print/Blurred Gray

Astro Crops in Tinted Canvas/Blurred Gray

Tinted Canvas/Blurred Gray Biker Grooves

Heathered Sand Dune/ Wee Stripe Wunder Unders

Where are the new Defines in Tango Red, Heathered Sand Dune, and Blurred Gray?

NEW! Scoop Neck Dress and More

New Scoop Neck Dress in Grapeseed. It's also coming in white and black. It's made of luon light and is $88.

It's a Cinch Dress in the Black Seabed print. These are $78.

As soon as I get better photos I'll re-post.

All the Modern Racer Colors - Grapeseed, White or Pink Mist (?), Citron, Snorkel, Violaceous, Heathered Shadow Gray, Black, Wren