Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pink Mist vs. Pig Pink

 A reader asked for a comparison of Pink Mist and Pig Pink. Reader Amber emailed some photos of her clothes. The darkest pink on the left is Bubbilicious, the top pink is Pig Pink, and the pink in the Tinted Canvas print on the right is Pink Mist. She says Pink Mist is slightly lighter and bluer than Pig Pink. Thanks, Amber!

NEW! Static Sprinkler Pacesetter LS and More

The Sprinkler Pacesetter LS popped up on line one evening weeks ago for about 15 minutes and then it was quickly pulled off the website never to be seen again. However, it is showing up in some stores these days. This is from a Vancouver area store.

I saw the Amphipod stainless water bottle at the store today. It's a wallet-busting $40, which is the same price the non-lulu version is. However, Amphipod offers several models of hand-held water bottles, starting as low as $18.

I thought this was a cute outfit so I am posting it. It's the Energy bra in Grapeseed, matching Astro pants and the Black Seabed In Stride Jacket.

Another photo of a bustier woman in the Breath Deep tank.

Scuba "love" hoodies in Coal and Violaceous.

Another photo of the Pretty Pretty Pirouette headband. I saw another new headband in the store. It was called "The Luon Headband" and it was double layered luon and about as wide as the Untwisted Headband. I think it is going to come in blurred gray and tango red because I've been seeing new headbands in those colors in photos.

New No Limit in Black with a Purple Crush Flow Y

Try On Report - Mind Over Matter Crop

I went to return my Deep Breath tank today and took the opportunity to try on the Mind Over Matter crops since I've been reading so many positive comments about them. I thought they fit a bit on the loose side, kind of like the Inspire crops. The length reminded me of the Zoom crop. They hit me in the same place as the last photo. I did a bend tend and I couldn't see my underwear. They are not as opaque as luon but better than a lot of recent luxtreme crops. I am not a huge fan of the ruffle detail but other people seem to like them. I view luxtreme crops as serious athletic wear and ruffles seem a bit frivolous (I know, it's my own weird nit) but I don't think it would stop me from buying them if I was in the market for another pair of luxtreme bottoms. This is one of the rare luxtreme crop releases that goes up to a size 12.

Product Info:

  • It's mind over matter in this high performance, knee length crop!
  • Made of 4-way stretch power luxtreme™ fabric for 'no bounce' muscle support & quick drying, wicking capabilities
  • High-rise waistband with drawstring & elastic for support
  • Body-shaping flatlocked seams reduce abrasion
  • Back zipper pocket for secure storage
  • Quick-access gel pockets
  • Reflective details for extra low-light visibility
  • $86
I ended up exchanging my Deep Breath for a Scoop Neck in the Tinted Canvas print. I found one with a better distribution of color - mostly black and citron. I tried on the Deep Breath in the next size down but the light luon is just too stretchy and I was still showing a lot of cleavage. I tried on the Heathered Sand Dune Scoop Neck again to see how it looked with the Wren pants I was wearing - it looks super nice with Wren. The Heathered Sand Dune luon is very soft - it kind of feels like brushed luon but not as thick. I am thinking I would like a Define Jacket in this color, if it ever comes out. I saw the Seabed In Stride at the store but not the Wunder Unders. From the little bit of the print I saw, I still think I would like a CRB in it.

NEW! Tinted Canvas CRB, Wren Moder Racer Tank, & White Deep Breath Tank

Just released - the Black Citron Tinted Canvas Print Cool Racerback

New Deep Breath in White

New Modern Racer Tank in Wren

NEW! CRB in Pink Mist

The pale pink color that is used in the Black Citron Tinted Canvas print is called Pink Mist. I have a headband in Pretty Pink and I held it up to the Tinted Canvas portion of the Deep Breath tank I bought and I think the colors are very similar. It's a really nice pale pink.

Pretty Pink

Photos of the Latest - Deep Breath, Pretty Pirouette, Energy Bra, Black Seabed and More

A photo showing some bustier ladies in the Deep Breath Tank. It shows a very healthy amount of cleavage - great for husbands, boyfriends, or catching the eye of potential husbands and boyfriends.  ;-)

A photo of the Grapeseed version of the Deep Breath - such a pretty color.

Not to pick on this woman, but you are probably going to want to wear the cups in this tank if you buy a non-black version of the tank. The light luon will reveal if you are chilled.  I noticed this when I tried on the tank and it was one reason I bought the black.

Good photo showing the back of the Deep Breath tank.
New headband - the Pretty Pirouette. It looks very cute. I might have to try it but found the regular Pirouette a bit tight for my head so I'm hoping this runs slightly larger. The Pirouette is such a pretty, understated look. (BTW, I love this woman's hair color.)

Heathered Grapeseed Cool Racerback.

Heathered Coal Cool Racerback. I love this but already have a Static Charcoal version so can live without this color.

I love the Black Seabed In Stride. I wonder if there will be a Define version. Speaking of Define jackets, where are they in the newest colors?

New Savasana in the Tinted Canvas Print. It's show with the Heathered Sand Dune Scoop Neck - so pretty but washed me out.

I love how the Energy bra looks under the scoop back of the Sunset Tank. It almost makes me want to buy a Sunset tank but it was too tight on my hips (like this lady) and made the pleats poof out in an unflattering way on me. I hope there are more scoop back tanks in the future because the Energy looks so cute under it.

Leg detail on the Mind Over Matter luxtreme running crops.

Lululemon has teamed up with Amphipod on a hydration belt. Does anyone know if the price is much different than buying a regular Amphipod bet at a running store?

All the latest Scoop Neck colors. I've rediscovered my love for the Scoop Neck tank lately and have gone from owning one to owning four in the past couple of months. Did anyone pass on buying the Unicorn Tears one? It felt a bit muted compared to the Unicorn Tears version when I tried it on. If my local store has a better pattern distribution I might try it again but for now, it's a pass for me in the Scoop Neck.

NEW! It's a Cinch Dress

A new dress made from cotton - the It's a Cinch Dress. It comes in Tango Red, Black, and Black Seabed. It looks pretty cute. I don't have any price or size information yet but will update when I do. This showed up in a US product alert so I don't know if it's in Canada yet.

  • Slip this dress on over your hot yoga gear for a simple to and from outfit
  • Vitasea™ is a cotton, Seacell® and spandex blend, that is breathable, soft and feels awesome against the skin.
  • Body hugging fit & long length make it perfect for layering
  • Drawcord sides at hem make dress length customizable
  • Racerback cut lines provides comfort and non restricted movement
  • Flat seamed for comfort
  • Preshrunk

Black Seabed - Like!

Black Seabed Wunder Under Crops
Black Seabed In Stride
Black Seabed Yogi Tote

I am really liking the Black Seabed print. However, I really, really want to own it in a Cool Racerback. I don't know if it will come one but that is on my Must Get list.