Monday, March 28, 2011

Sand Dune Static Black Wee Stripe CRB

Here is a photo from an ebay listing of the Sand Dune Static Black Wee Stripe CRB. It looks like an athletic gray from faraway so I am really liking this color.

Photos of the Iconic Wrap, Mudra Wrap, and Heathered Coal Wee Stripe isBack

Iconic Wrap Product Details:
  • Designed as a light layer to take you to the studio, through the first few minutes of your practice, and as a savasana cozy up
  • Made with pima cotton, a superior durable blend that's breathable and soft
  • Added LYCRA® fibre for shape retention
  • Flat-seamed for chafe resistance and comfort
  • Thumbholes for keeping hands warm and sleeves in place
  • Preshrunk so there are no surprises when washed!
Heathered Coal Wee Stripe is back! The new Arise bra is coming out in Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. For reasons I can't really explain Heathered Coal Wee Stripe really appeals to me and I bought four items (Push UR Limits, Zoom Singlet, Power Y, and the matching Coal/HCWE Define) in it last year. I would love to get a CRB in this season if they come out with it.

 Lively Crewneck in Heathered Shadow Gray Lilac Wee Stripe Gray

Some photos showing details on the Mudra wrap. There is a button you can use to adjust the length.

New Groove Bands

New Groove Bands - I love the middle one. Black/Grapeseed/Quilt Summer 5 (top), Black/Heathered Blurred Grey/Quilt Summer 10 (middle), Black/Black Citron Tinted Canvas Super/Heathered Blurred Grey (bottom).

I wonder what the white-ish color is next to the coal in the middle photo. I wonder if it is Sand Dune. Apparently, there is a Sand Dune stripe CRB arriving in the stores. The new CRB is called Sand Dune Static Black Wee Stripe.

I wonder how close Grapeseed is to Power Purple. From the photos they look pretty close. I think I might visit the stores tomorrow and I'll try to remember to bring a PP headband with me to compare if the store has Grapeseed.

More Mudra Wrap Photos and Store Deliveries Gossip/Speculation

New Crop (middle girl) - Salutation crop, with bows on the sides

More Mudra Wrap photos. It comes in Heathered White, Heathered White Sand, Black, and Blurred Grey.

 Biker Groove Shorts in Unicorn Tears

Hmmm, per a post on the This Just In site - shipments to the stores are supposed to be mostly black and gray items. Wow, my wallet will really get a rest. Also, a woman said that the Angel Blue swiftly she just purchased was made in Israel so it seems that stores are receiving older stock.

Renovations to the On-Line Store

Today there are quite a few Facebook posts and an update on the Lululemon site about what is going on with the on line store. The GEC wrote today "New product will start returning to our site mid-Spring" but I know in the fourth quarter earnings call Christine Day said in her opening remarks: "...we re-launch our site at the end of the first quarter, ...Our new product deliveries are now weighted towards April, beginning the replenishment of our inventory position. ...Next, as previewed last year, we are transferring our E-commerce platform from our current third-party vendor to our in-house ATG platform. This is a complex project that requires significant IT infrastructure changes and integration of multiple service vendors to a new site. It also requires a physical move of inventory from the third-party supplier to our own U.S. DC. The date of the official transfer is April 15th. To facilitate the cutover from our vendor systems to ours, the entire site will be down for a few hours so we can test new site integration. This will occur during the evening hours of April 14 to early morning of the 15th. " So, I am really hoping the re-launch date is April 15th.

From Lululemon's website:

it's a black out
Beginning April 5th, only black products and limited styles will be available online while we move our distribution centre. This is only temporary. Colours will be back in plenty of time for summer. 

They also say they hope the renovation will be completed next month so that fits in with Day's remarks to shareholders.

I'm going to be going through Lululemon withdrawl but my bank account will probably be happier. I believe the regular stores are going to get items but I'm starting to suspect quite a few of the "new" items are really older stock in core items. Stores have been getting "new" colors in CRBs such as Savage Green, Bold Blue, Faded Zap - all which have been released before. There are plenty of "angels", listed on the right side of the blog under Resources and people on the This Just In site who can pick items up for people who are not near a store.

Photos of the Latest - Mudra Wrap, Grapeseed In Stride, Tango Red In Stride

New color, Heathered Grapeseed, show in the In Stride Jacket.

Photos of the new Mudra Wrap. It's $118 and looks very delicate to me. It's made of the same rayon/bamboo and cashmere blend as the Live Healthy Wrap.

Photo of the Tango Red In Stride. It looks a bit orange-ish in these photos but it's hard to get reds to show up correctly.

Still Shorts in Static Gray

The Iconic Wrap is back.