Friday, March 25, 2011

Variety in Unicorn Tears Scoop Neck Tanks

Bad Unicorn Tears Print Distribution
I was looking at Scoop Neck Tanks on eBay looking for the Wish Blue Multi Poncho Stripe one and ran across a lot of Unicorn Tank Scoop Necks for sale. The variety in the patterns is amazing. Some of the people used stock photos in their listings so if you are buying one make sure to ask for an actual photo. It also seems that some people are re-using photos so ask if the photo in the listing is of the actual tank. I think the above is probably the worst pattern distribution I've seen since it has a bloom right over the boob and not much color.

I don't care for this one too much either since it's mostly gray and white in the front and has a blob at the crotch. There isn't much black in the body to play off the black neckline either.

If you wanted a lot of color in your Unicorn Tears Scoop Neck, I'd say this one was the best I've seen on eBay.

I am really in my Scoop Neck tanks lately. I hope their is a solid Tango Red version. Lulumum writes that Tango Red is a candy apple red with no orange undertones. I can't wait to see it.

Photos of Tango Red In Stride (and Tinted Canvas Print In Stride, too)

I'm not really an In Stride fan but I'd consider getting a Define in Tango Red. It actually looks like a true red, maybe a bit pinkish and not at all orange. I'm so curious to see it in person. This is from the Santa Monica store.

Another photo of a Tango Red In Stride. This is from the Laguna Showroom.

Tango Red and Black Citron Tinted Canvas In Strides. This photo is from the Lynwood (WA) showroom.

The Black Citron Tinted Canvas Stride on people.

I would think now that Tango Red has hit Santa Monica it will show up in Orange County next week. I hope some other items are coming out in TR.

Great Photos of the Adjustable Bra in the Push UR Limits

Here are some great photos of the adjustable built in bra in the Push UR Limits and Inner Strength tanks. The hook slots are on the outside of the bra band so you don't feel the plastic hook against your skin.

Photos of Heathered Blurred Gray and Black Citron Tinted Canvas Print

Close Up of the In Stride in the Black Citron Tinted Canvas Super print. I think I see Pretty Pink (a pale pink) in addition to citron, gray, and black in the print.

Brava Longsleeve (why didn't I buy this when I had the chance?) in Pretty Pink

Groove waistband in the Black Citron Tinted Canvas Super Print. The bottom band of color is Heathered Blurred Gray which I also like. I wouldn't mind a CRB in solid Heathered Blurred Gray. I am a sucker for athletic grays.

NEW!!! Mudra Wrap

This is a new wrap the ladies who run the Cali Lulu Buyers Group on Facebook discovered in a Palo Alto store. I'll be honest, I can't really tell it's much different from the Live Healthy wrap but I'll try and find more photos of the wrap. (If you are not on Facebook, you can reach the Cali Lulu Buyers at