Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NEW!!! Photos of Tango Red

Thanks to a reader we have photos of the Tango Red In Stride and what looks like a lively tee. Cannot wait to see what tanks come in TR!

Tomorrow's Upload (?)

So I'm not exactly sure what will show up tomorrow in the upload but it's not supposed to be too much. I know I was really looking forward to seeing the Unicorn Tears Scoop Neck last week and was bitterly disappointed it didn't show. For those who were hoping to get it, I hope it does show up.

The Unicorn Tears Power Y hasn't shown up on line yet, either, so I hope it shows up tomorrow, too.

There are some new Modern Racer Tanks out in Violaceous, Snorkel Blue, and Heathered Iris Stripe. It would be nice if those showed up, too.

Dance Studio Pants in Navy have begun arriving in the stores so I'm not sure if they would show up yet in the on line store.

There are also some new Lively Tees in Gray Unicorn print, Violaceous, and Snorkel Blue.

There are new Push UR Limits in Violaceous, Snorkel, and Unicorn Tears print which could also show up tomorrow.

There are new Scubas out in Snorkel and Violaceous that may make an appearance, also.

People have also been waiting for the Pace Setter Pullover to hit the website, too. Stores have received lilac, white, and snorkel. Althought, I don't know if any US stores received the Lilac.

I don't have high hopes for the upload tomorrow but I will be at my computer, as usual, tomorrow morning.

What are you hoping for?

NEW Print Coming!!! Black Citron Tinted Canvas Super. Also, Tango Red is Real!!!

The Los Gatos Showroom has received Grooves and an In Stride jacket with a new print: Black Citron Tinted Canvas Super paired with Heathered Blurred Gray. The In Stride Color Code is HBLGbcti and the jacket body is Heathered Blurred Gray. The Groove color code is BLKblctiHBLG. The showroom also received In Stride Jackets in Tango Red so Tango Red is real and we'll be seeing it soon. Just when I thought I could give my wallet a break.!