Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photos of the Latest - UT Gather Shorts, Aura Pullover, Dance Studio Jacket

Unicorn Tears Gather Short - super cute on this woman

The Aura Pullover looks really cute on this woman.

Dance Studio Jacket - this woman wears her Lulu very well  ;-)

More New Items - Modern Racer Tank in Colors, No Show Socks, UT 50 Rep Bra and More

The Aura pullover looks really cute on the model but I still wish it was a couple of inches longer for me. It comes in Heathered Shark Grey/Heathered Pearl/Heathered Sidewalk (pictured), Black/ Heathered Sidewalk in sizes 4-10.

Unicorn Tears 50 Rep Bra

Lively Crewneck in Violaceous

Lively Crewneck in Snorkel

The Aura jacket looks so neat on the web model but I felt very sloppy-looking in it.

New No Show Socks - I forgot to look for these in the store. I'll to remember to see if they are uploaded tomorrow or Thursday. I might have to give them a try provided they aren't super expensive.

Modern Racer in Violaceous. Also coming in Snorkel Blue and Heathered Shark/Lilac Snow

Today's Shopping Trip - Dance Studio Jacket, Pure Focus Tank, and Aura Jacket

I tried on the Dance Studio Jacket today and really liked it. It's very figure flattering and I think TTS although maybe a big snug in the upper arms. I much preferred the look of the Swift side to the Sheer luon side. The Sheer luon side does not have any pockets. The arms on the Swift side have small gathers down them as a design detail. It was $128 which was on a white sticker. I did not peal it off to see what price was underneath. Anyone know?

Dance Studio Jacket Product Info:
  • Dance your way to yoga class by pairing this jacket with the Dance Studio Pant
  • Reversible
  • Swift outside and sheer luon fabric inside
  • Soft lined pockets keep your hands cozy and comfortable
  • Thumbholes keep your sleeves down and your hands warm
  • Preshrunk
 Here is a photo of the Dance Studio Jacket paired with the Dance Studio crops in case anyone was wondering how they looked together.

In case anyone was wondering, here is a color comparison of Violaceous (on the left) and Potion Purple (on the right). I wore my Potion Define to the store so I was able to compare the two colors.

Also, if you already have a few Potion Purple pieces, they go very nicely with the Unicorn Tears print. This is my Potion Define against a UT Power Y.

I tried on the Iris Aura Jacket. I did not care for this jacket for a lot of reasons. One reason was that the arms are snug. I am used to Lululemon arms fitting snug in the upper arm on me but these were also snug in the forearm. The striped pattern also shows through to the Iris side, as you can see in the photo on the left. Also, the jacket has the sticky metal zipper I detest. I also dislike the huge hood. To me, with the exception of the hood, I find this jacket is unremarkable style-wise. It's $98.

I tried on the Pure Focus tank expecting to not like it on me and I ended up pleasantly surprised and taking one home. I prefer to wear the tank bloused up like in the above photos. That does lead to a little sag in the back, as shown in the photo below, but I figure I am going to be in motion while wearing it so I really don't care about sag that much.

This tank actually looks pretty decent on full busted women and the straps are fairly supportive. I tried layering a Hot Class bra underneath while I was at the store and the only thing that shows is the straps, which lay under the tank straps, so that is definitely a bra you can use under it. The tank only goes up to a 10 and it fit me very comfortably so I think this tank runs about a size large unless you have a wide back/shoulders. (I just measured the size 10 - armpit to armpit it's 17.5". My size 12 Power Y is 18" armpit to armpit.) It comes with the cups. I plan to use this tank for low impact activities so will try layering a bra under it but I also plan on using it as street wear in warmer weather. I was torn between getting the Violaceous and the Black but I ended up going home with the black since I have a bunch of black bras that I can layer under it. I like that it is fashion forward and different from what everyone else will be wearing in the gym. If you have a mommy tummy, this tank is great to conceal it or use for bloated days. It's very lightweight and airy feeling and will be wonderful for hot weather workouts. I know not everyone likes the blousy tanks but for those that do, you should check out the Pure Focus.

I tried layering a few different bras under it. I think I liked the look of my Free 2 Be bra best:
I thought a Power Y didn't look that bad either but you do see the entire back of the bra. I also tried an All Sport but that gave me major armpit fat. I bet the Arise bra would look pretty cute under it, too, but I couldn't find it when I was in the store.

Here is a photo of either a 50 Rep or an All Sport under the Pure Focus (which looks pretty awful). If I find any more examples of a bra used under this tank I will add it.

I tried the Violaceous Energy SS on while I was in the store. I love the color of this top. I really prefer tank tops for the gym so I will hope it is coming in a tank version. Otherwise, for those who want a lightweight breathable alternative to the Swiftly, the Energy is very nice. It fits TTS. Be warned, this fabric really shows perspiration. I don't really care since I go to the gym to workout and own my pit stains ;-)  but if you don't care for that look, get the black version.

I also tried on the Unicorn Tears Scoop Neck. I really like the bit of black on this tank and the way it plays off the black in the print and looks with black pants but think I would have prefered if they used black for the mesh in the back. I want to like the Unicorn Tears print on me but I just can't seem to warm up to it. The store didn't have my size in the Scoop Neck anyway and I didn't feel like driving over to the other store so I will take my chances on Thursday and order one.

The store did not have the Sunset tank for me to try on or the UT Push UR Limits. I have a feeling the UT Push will give me a bathing suit vibe, though.

Oh yeah, I saw the new all black Cabin long sleeve in the store. Someone had either commented or emailed me that they saw a black cabin that reversed to black in their local store. I just got a product alert so this is a real version of the cabin. Kind of weird to reverse to the same color but I do love the warmth of the double thickness material.

The Gather Short is Back in Unicorn Tears

  • Wear this tight short to dance, volleyball or hot yoga
  • Made with luon®, our signature fabric, is breathable with coverage, a cotton-like feel, and has 4 way stretch to provide support and allow freedom of movement
  • A medium rise, short short
  • Gusset designed for greater range of movement with comfort
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Black, Black with Unicorn Tears
  • 2-10
 I knew the Gather Short sounded familiar. It was out last June.