Friday, March 4, 2011

Modern Racer Love & More Coming!

I know I am late to the Modern Racer party but I am loving my new Heathered Shadow Gray Modern Racer tank that I bought two days ago. It's so soft and light. It has become my new daytime uniform along with Grooves and a Remix Light sweatshirt. What took me so long?

Anywhoo, reader Astrid writes in to tell us that more Modern Racers in colors are on the way and that one of the new colors is Heathered Iris. I cannot wait. This sounds very pretty.

Lululemon for... Neiman Marcus?

Neiman Marcus Funnel Collar Jacket - $128 (very reasonable for Neiman Marcus!)

A sharp-eyed fellow Lululemon addict spotted this Gratitude jacket clone at a Neiman Marcus store and posted about it in the This Just In Facebook group yesterday. (FYI, the Newport Beach Lululemon store is right across from Neiman Marcus in the same shopping center.) The story was picked up by the various FB groups and blogs and someone posted today that they spoke with a Neiman Marcus employee and they told her that NM is carrying a new line made by the same people who make Lululemon. This is very believable since the design details on the two jackets are nearly identical. The NM version doesn't have a drawcord at the bottom but that is the only major difference. The woman who spotted it said the fabric felt very similar to french terry but slightly silkier and the fit was slightly more form fitting. Anyway, it's very interesting that Lululemon is forming these silent partnerships with retailers covering a wide range of price points: high-end (Neiman Marcus), middle (Nordstrom Zella) and low-end (Tuff) retailers. Should we expect Lululemon for Target soon?

Lululemon Gratitude Wrap (front)
Lululemon Gratitude Wrap - back view