Thursday, March 3, 2011

NEW! Pure Balance Jacket

Lululemon is killing me with all the stuff I would like to get this month. This is the Pure Balance Jacket. I like it. It comes in black, white, and coal so far, sizes 4-12. I wonder if there will be a Violaceous and Iris Wee Stripe or Wren version, too.

Update - The jacket is $128 and is very fitted. The girl who tried it on said she could feel the seams on the arms so maybe it runs tight in the arms.

Product Details:

  • Hip length, relaxed fit jacket is great over your tights and tanks for to and from yoga
  • Made with luon® fabric - breathable, cotton-like feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing for freedom of movement
  • Longer length covers your bum
  • Thumbholes keep your sleeves down and your hands warm!
  • Front pockets to stash phone and keys
  • Preshrunk

Photos of the Latest - Snorkel and Violaceous Defines, Iris Wee Stripe CRB, and More

Stores are getting Snorkel Blue Defines and CRBs.

Violaceous with Coal Collar Define

Define Jackets in Violaceous and Snorkel Blue

There is an Iris Wee Stripe CRB. It looks like she is layering a Violaceous bra or CRB underneath.

Black Pure Balance Tank

Violaceous/Coal In Stride Jacket

Clam Digger Crops are back again - one of my favorites.

A nice montage of Stratus Wunder Unders

Unicorn Tears Flow Y

Unicorn Tears Gather and Crow - Love these!

Photos of the Latest - Unicorn Tears Speed Skirt, Arise Bra, Wren Define, and More

Arise Bra in Unicorn Tears Print

Unicorn Tears Print Speed Skirt

Wren / Iris Wee Stripe Define Jacket.

I'm not sure I'm going to get the Wren Define after all. I was hoping for more of an Olive green but I'll have to see it in person to decide.

Energy Short Sleeve Top In Coal / Coal Strata Stripe - In Australia Right Now. It's also coming in Black and Violaceous/CSS

Official Web Photo of the Unicorn Tears CRB

Today's Upload - Disappointing

Unfortunately, I was right in my predictions - no Unicorn Tears tanks. Now that means I have to stalk them at the stores. Grrrr. I was surprised the Stratus Wunder Unders didn't show up. However, all the UT stuff is due to arrive at the stores in the next few days so I'm sure next week's upload will be full of Unicorn Tears.

What did everyone get today? I was tempted but the Gray Scuba, especially since they fixed the price, but there is so much other stuff I want to get I can live without it.

Running Commentary on Today's Upload

No Unicorn Tears stuff that I want has shown up yet. Why is the gray Scuba $30 more than the other Scubas? I like it but not $30 more. Updated: GEC is looking into the price so watch this because I think there was an error made. Update 2: Price changed to $98 now.

Dance Studio Crops Just showed up. These will sell fast, I'm sure.

 Something good finally showed up but where is all the Unicorn Tears and Modern Racer tanks?

Run: Energy SS is Coming Back

Via an Australian Product Notice - The Run Energy SS is coming back. It's not quite the same because they are using silverscent circle mesh now but it has the same distinctive ruching in the back. I hope the Energy Sleeveless tank will also make a reappearance.