Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Real People in the Pure Balance Tank - Boobtacular!

From Australia - Some photos of non-models wearing the Pure Balance. I think everyone's boyfriend and husband will love this tank. I know mine will.  ;-)

The Unicorn Tears CRB on a person - hope it shows up tomorrow!

Unicorn Tears Power Y

NEW! Violaceous Pure Balance Tank, In Stride Jacket, Define Jacket and More

Violaceous Pure Balance Tank
Ooh, I'm liking this one so much more than the Flush version. Must be the strategic partner stores get special colors but so far I like the ones the regular stores are getting better.

Violaceous and Coal In Stride Jacket

Violaceous and Coal Define Jacket

From various color comparisons we've been making, Violaceous is pretty close in color to Potion Purple and Very Violet. I was considering selling my Potion Purple Define to get a Violaceous one but since the colors are so close I won't have to.

It's amazing how different Violaceous looks in this photo compared to the web model photo. I love how it looks with the Unicorn Tears Print under it.

Violaceous and Dark Classic Sport Gray Swiftly Tee

Upload Thursday Predictions - Half of What We Are Looking For

I know I will be looking for the Unicorn Tears CRB tomorrow but since it's just starting to arrive in stores in the US I doubt it will be uploaded. I don't know if the brick and motar stores feel it financially when the website "scoops" them on items but I would think they try to lag the stores in selling the latest designs. I certainly hope it shows up but I'm trying to prepare myself for disappointment when it doesn't. ;-)

I also hope the Unicorn Tears Scoop Neck tank shows up tomorrow but I think it has only been spotted in Canadian stores so far so I am doubtful we'll see this tomorrow.

Iris Wee Stripe/Wren Scoop Neck Tank
Iris Wee Stripe In Stride Jacket
I think we will definitely see the Iris Wee Stripe items tomorrow since they are in the stores. Plan on seeing the Scoop Neck, Power Y, and Wunder Unders. Perhaps even the In Stride Jacket will show up. I am not sure about the Iris Wee Stripe Pure Balance tank. Maybe it will make a surprise appearance.

I think we'll see the bug guts green Split Pea Wee Stripe CRB. It's definitely different looking but not my personal favorite.
I think the Violaceous Hot Class Tank will show up. This is such a pretty tank but I am too busty for it.

I think we will definitely see the Dance Studio Crops uploaded.

I think we'll see the latest Modern Racers.

I think we'll see the new Stratus Wunder Unders uploaded, too.

What are you hoping for tomorrow?

PS - Some new headbands have already been uploaded. The Dance, Slipless, and Braided in the Unicorn Tears. Also, the Sprinkler Ikat Untwisted (I ordered that this afternoon).

Color Comparisons: Wren vs. Anise

Anise Silverescent (left) vs. Wren Swift in outside light
Wren vs. Anise (right) - Taken inside in flourescent light

For you old timers who have Anise items, this is a comparison of Anise to Wren. In outside light, Wren looks a lot grayer than Anise. In interior, flourescent light the two colors look closer together. Anise is definitely more of an olive green while Wren is more Army green.

Violaceous vs. Potion Purple

Violaceous Compared to Potion Purple Define Jacket
A reader asked me to compare Violaceous to Potion Purple. It's hard to see in this photo since my Unicorn Tears headband is very washed out but Violaceous is pretty close to Potion. This photo was taken inside in indirect light.

Here is a photo I took outside. The top photo is a better representation of what Potion Purple really looks like but in this photo you can tell the Violaceous in the headband is definitely very close in color to the purple in the jacket.

More New Items - Downtime Jacket, Iris Wee Stripe In Stride, Pure Balance Tank and More

Iris Wee Stripe In Stride Jacket

New Jacket - Downtime Jacket - GEC says this is $148 (thanks, HoundLover!)

  • Lined track jacket designed to take you to & from your early morning spring runs!
  • DWR swift (durable water repellent) is quick drying, lightweight with 2-way stretch
  • Lined with light and airy gradient mesh
  • Body-mapped, anti-stink circle mesh panels for extra breathability
  • Soft running luon® fabric cuffs with thumbholes keep hands warm!
  • Hidden music pocket & cord exit
  • Secure zipper pockets

Violaceous Get Focused Tank

The Pure Balance tank is hitting US stores. This is a version in Wren and Iris Wee Stripe. I liked this muted palette in this tank but I know this tank won't work for me. This tank is way too open on top and way too low cut.

Arise Bra - comes in black, violaceous and unicorn tears

This bra is made of luon light so that means it is super stretchy and will be extremely low support. I can tell already that it will not work for me. Word is on FB that a bra for bustier ladies is coming soon.

  • Made with luon® light fabric - lightweight, breathable, cotton-like feel, 4-way stretch

  • Low support T back bra will hide under your racer back tanks and stay in place during all your poses

  • Open front and back allows for maximum breathability

  • Thin back strap to provide a greater range of movement

  • Mesh bra construction with built in pockets for removable cups 

  • Ooops, almost forgot the SE CRB with the sheer luon ruffle in the back only. Not getting that the ruffle is in the back only. I know this tank is in stores up in LA but I didn't see it today. Kind of weird.

    Today's Shopping Trip - Unexpected Finds

    Modern Racer Tank in Heathered Shadow Gray
    I didn't get what I planned to get today but I came away very happy. I started out at the Newport Beach store hoping to find the Unicorn Tears CRB and Scoop Neck. They had the Unicorn Tears print in the Hot Class bra and the Strata Wunder Under crops (so does Irvine). They also had the Split Pea Wee Stripe CRB but I didn't care for that. It looked ok on me but I didn't love it. Both Irvine and Newport had the Iris Wee Stripe in the Power Y and Scoop Neck but I think those color combos are rather dull.  Newport had the three new colors of the Modern Racer tanks. I tried on all three colors and ended up going home with the solid heathered gray (Heathered Shadow Gray) version.  There is just something about an athletic gray that gets me when Lululemon does it. The photo above looks a bit lavenderish but the gray is a true athletic gray. The striped one was cute but the armpits fit a bit loose. I thought theHeathered Shadow gray fit the snuggest of all three colors. I did size down for a more form fitting look. This is my first Modern Racer tank but probably not my last.

    The above photo is a comparison of Rapsberry, on the top, and Violaceous. I was hoping Violaceous was going to be more of a hot pink color but it is more on the purple side and not too far from Very Violet. The Newport store had the Hot Class tank in Violaceous and the Hot Class bra in the Unicorn Tears Print. The Irvine store also had the UT print Hot Class bra. Both stores have the new Hot Move Short in Unicorn Tears.

    Wren DSC - trying something new
    It's been quite awhile since I've tried on pants made of the Swift fabric and at the time I recall it feeling kind of hot and heavy. However, everyone has been raving about their DSPs so I decided to try on the Dance Studio Crops in Wren. Both the Irvine and Newport stores had them in Wren and Coal. They were nice and light and roomy enough for my "athletic" thighs. I got a pair of the Wren for the summer. It's a bit chilly to wear them now but I can't wait to try them out when it gets warmer.

    The Irvine store had a Unicorn Tears Slipless headband and the new Cross Train caps in both black and Ikat. They were just restocked in the caps so if you are looking for them they had about 6-8 black hats. I got a slipless headband in UT but had to pick through one that showed mostly white or mostly black.

    Both stores had the Strata Wunder Unders in Unicorn Tears and Violaceous. I didn't try them on since the SWUs stop at size ten and I think the side stripe wouldn't do any favors to my non-skinny thighs. However, the girl at Irvine wearing the Unicorn Tears version looked totally cute in them.

    I'm hoping tomorrow the Unicorn Tears CRB and Scoop Neck tanks will be uploaded. If not, I'll try again in a couple of days at my stores. I like the pattern a lot but it seems like a ton of people are on the trail of this print and I hate spotting people in the gym wearing the same thing as me.