Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photo of Unicorn Tears Print CRB & Wren Define Jacket

Wow! I think this is gorgeous. I am heading to the store tomorrow to see if they have this or the other Unicorn Tears stuff in yet. This one was bought at a store in Los Angeles. You'll have to pick through them to get an optimal pattern. The reader also sized up so it wouldn't stretch out over her chest.

 Photo of the Wren / Iris Wee Stripe Define Jacket

OMG, my wallet is in trouble.There is also a Violaceous CRB with a ruffle at the bottom.

More Photos of the Latest - Modern Racer, Dance Studio Crops, Scubas, and More

The latest Modern Racer Colors - Heathered Shadow Grey, Black & Heathered Blurred Grey/Heathered Charcoal Tropic Stripe. If these are uploaded on Thursday, I'd order them right away. The Modern Racer is very popular.

Dance Studio Crop - front and back views. The GEC wrote that the inseam for a size 8 is 20".

Live Healthy Wrap in Heathered Iris - I love the tone on tone look she is wearing.

Split Pea Wee Stripe CRB on a fair-skinned brunette. This lady has similar coloring to me. I don't think SPWS is going to work for me. Also, busty ladies take note. The CRB is one of the few Lululemon tops that accommodates large busts.

The latest Scubas.

Unicorn Tears Slipless Headband

I am definitely going to get a Unicorn Tears Headband just for the fact it will add some color when I wear black tanks and rocking the ninja look. It looks like there is quite a bit of variation in the pattern - I definitely prefer the one the girl is wearing rather than the one used in the product notice photo.

More Photos - Live Healthy Wrap, Dance Headband, Modern Racers and More

Live Healthy Wrap in Heathered Iris

Scoop Neck Tank in Violaceous and Coal - Wish this was a solid-colored Scoop Neck

Dance Headband in Unicorn Tears Print - There is also a braided headband with the Unicorn Tears

Modern Racer in Heathered Shadow Gray - I'm not a huge Modern Racer person but I really like this color

Scuba Hoodie in Heathered Charcoal - I know it seems boring but I really like gray hoodies. Maybe because it's a traditional color for athletic wear.

Web photo of the Cool Racerback in Split Pea Wee Stripe. How do you think it looks with the model's complexion?

Scoop Neck in Iris/Wren - This would a much cuter outfit with Wren Grooves to pair with it. Where are all the Wren colored bottoms?

Hot Class in Violaceous - Love this, too bad it's not supportive enough for me.

This is from an Australian store showing all the latest Violaceous and Unicorn Tears. I see a Violaceous Power Y. I really like Violaceous so I hope there will be a CRB in that color, too.

Close Up of a Unicorn Tears Power Y

Close Up of the band of new Groove Pants in Unicorn Tears. I still haven't found out what this pattern is called. It's called Quilted Bone - QUBO.

Close Up of the Unicorn Tears Print. I wonder what the yellow color is.