Monday, February 28, 2011

Iris Wee Stripe Wunder Unders

I forgot to post a photo of the new Iris Wee Stripe Wunder Unders:

Iris Wee Stripe Wunder Unders

Close Up of Iris Wee Stripe in the Power Y
I wonder if there will be a solid Wren Power Y and Wunder Unders.

Close Up of Split Pea Weave Stripe Cool Racerback

I think this color will be a tough one for a lot of people to carry off well. However,I like the purple matched with the Split Pea.

More Photos of the New Tank Colors - Hot Class Tank and Bra, Power Y, CRB, and Scoop Neck

New Colors in the Hot Class Tank and Bra - Violaceous and Unicorn Tears. New Stratus Wunder Unders.

The CRB color is Split Pea Micro Stripe not Wren microstripe as I wrote before. I'm thinking this green may be a bit too yellow for me but I still want to try it on. The Wunder Unders are the SE Herringbone.

New Scoop Neck in Iris Wee Stripe and Wren. This combo doesn't do much for me but I really want the Unicorn tears version.

Power Y in Iris Microstripe

Photos of the Newest Stuff: Dance Studio Crops, New Modern Racer Tank, and More

Cute new Modern Racer tank in Heathered Blurred Gray / Heathered Charcoal Tropic Stripe and new Wren Dance Studio Crops.

New Scuba Hoodies- Heathered Pig Pink, Heathered Charcoal Heathered Heron Salt N Pepper Gray, Aruba

 Heathered Charcoal Heron... Scuba

Heathered Pig Scuba - Love this one!

Love the waistband on these Grooves!

These are a new Special Edition Wunder Unders - the Herrigbone edition. I'm not sure why they are called this.

Hot Move Short made from Sheer Luon with a built in liner

Photos of New Stuff: SE Ruffled Cool Racerback and Scoop Neck Unicorn Tears

This is from an Australian product alert - another special edition Cool Racerback. This CRB has a larger ruffle made of sheer luon at the bottom. I kind of like this CRB. I'm not sure when this will show up in the US but I would think it might be fairly soon since I think it was designed to go with the SE Wunder Unders with the sheer luon detail down the leg.

Here is the official web photo of the Unicorn Tears print Scoop Neck. The Unicorn Tears print is arriving in US stores now. If anyone has seen this in their local stores, please let us know. I think I'll be taking a couple of trips to my local stores to stalk this tank.