Friday, February 25, 2011

More Photos from Australia - Violaceous Scoop Neck and More

This photo shows Scoop Neck Tanks in Violaceous and Unicorn Tears Print. It also shows new Grooves in Violaceous and Unicorn Tears. It looks like there is a Violaceous jacket hanging on the lower rack - maybe a Stride/In Stride but I guess it could be a Define. You can also see a Violaceous All Sport bra hangning on the right.

What color do you think is paired with the Violaceous Scoop Neck? Wren orCoal? Maybe that's the Wren Define hanging on the lower rack.

There is nothing too new in this photo but you can see the Distance tank in Lilac Snow and what is being identified as a Pace Setter in Iris but it's the same color as the Distance Tank so I'd called the Pace Setter Lilac Snow, too. You can see a Cross Train cap in Violaceous.

Photo of the Unicorn Tears Power Y and Violaceous Strata Wunder Under and Violaceous crop - maybe the Relaxed Fit.