Friday, February 18, 2011

Lululemon Rumors - Change in Return Policy Coming?

This is from a post on the new Lulu This Just In Facebook Page:

I was in one of my local stores this morning... and learned that, it is not official yet, but Lulu is working on not allowing items bought online to be returned at the stores in the future. This way, the stores' sales are not affected by returns made from online purchases. ...She also said, Lululemon is not about trendy fashion but technical workout clothing, and they want to maintain that image or else Lulu may be in trouble in the long run.

Not getting the logic in this decision at all.  Most of the time when I return I get something else. Also, when I buy on line, it's usually a quick selling "hot" item - Rubber Ducky Push UR Limits, No Limits Tank, Pique In Stride Jacket, or something that never made it to the store like a Sheer Delight Tunic. So, I don't think my returns hang around the store that long. Other people brought up the fact that the Lulu stores are corporate owned so what does it matter where the returns are done? I can't believe they don't have a separate bookkeeping line item for things bought on line that were returned at a store. Premium brands are supposed to be about customer service. Can anyone name an on-line retailer with brick and mortar stores that doesn't let you return to a local store?

Another Photo of the SE CRB with Sheer Luon

Another photo of the special edition CRB with the sheer luon back panel. The girl who is standing second from the left has it on. I think people were a little worried how this tank would drape but it looks very cute on this woman. (Of course, it doesn't hurt that she is very slender.)

NEW! Pace Setter Pullover in Iris (Lilac Snow?)

There is another color of the Pace Setter Pullover. The web page is labeled Iris but it looks a lot like Lilac Snow to me. Whatever. It's very pretty. They made the stitching and the circle mesh panels the same color as the body of the top so it's a much less "noisey" top. I wasn't a big fan of the Pace Setter PO before but this one is gorgeous! (Thanks to reader Luvlulu for the link.)

Flush No Limit Fit Report and Color Comparison

I got my Flush No Limit today. I know I read some comments that people thought this one ran as large as the Aruba but it wasn't true of the tank I got. The bra did feel as relaxed/stretchy as the Aruba version but the outer circle mesh tunic was not nearly as roomy, which is the part that counts in this tank. I laid the Flush version on top on my Aruba one and the Aruba was at least a good inch to inch and a half wider at the hip and nearly as wide at the armpit and all the way down. Needless to say this will be going back but I have a line on a size twelve that a friend got at a strategic partner store that she didn't want. I cannot fathom the logic as to why strategic partner stores are getting these tanks in size twelves and the on-line store, with a much wider customer base, is not.

I put together a bunch of my orangey colors as a comparison. I think Flush is closest to Persimmon but Persimmon is a little more muted. This was taken on a rainy afternoon so the light is not the best but the comparison might help a little.

1) Persimmon (Deep V)
2) Terracotta (Repose)
3) Flush (No Limit)
4) Passion (Define)
5) Torrid (Free Ya)

More Photos of the New Special Edition CRB with Sheer Luon

We recently saw this special edition Cool Racerback pop up in an Australian product alert and speculated that the bottom portion may be made of sheer luon. Here are a couple more photos that make me think I am right:

The text to this photo said the back panel is made of a super lightweight material.

I thought this photo might be one of the front, showing the front is also made of sheer luon, but there are vertical seams running down the front and I don't see any vertical seams in the web model photo. I can't place what this tank is. It looks like it might be made of sheer luon or some sort of heathered flush luon. Any ideas?

However, here is a another photo of the CRB and front doesn't look like it's made of Sheer Luon.