Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wunder Unders Now Available in Silver Luon

I saw new Wunder Unders in Silver Luon tonight at the Carlsbad, CA store. My sister was in the Carlsbad area on business so we met at Lululemon for shopping followed by dinner. I am a huge fan of silver luon - I have the Challenge tank and Silver Hot Class Tank - and am excited to see it used in some core items. I didn't try these on because they didn't have my size but I had my sister try them on. She thought the stretch "felt funny" but she is used to wearing luxtreme running crops. Anyway, for you silver luon fans, it sounds like there will be more silver luon items coming out. The silver wunder unders were something like $86 or $88.

More Photos of the Latest Items

Lululemon added a bit more reflectivity to the cap - the zipper now has a couple of reflective stripes on it.

More photos of the Distance Tank

A reader who tried on the Pace Setter LS said the neck is the issue with the fit of the top and not tight sleeves. The neck doesn't lie flat in this photo but the arms look snug, too. Hmmm. I will post more photos of this top as I find them so you can have lots of information before you buy in case it's uploaded on Thursday.

Coal Strata Stripe No Limit Tank, Pace Setter Long Sleeve, Record Breaker Vest

The Coal with Coal Strata Stripe No Limit Tank - I like this one a lot, too.

Record Breaker Vest in Sprinkler

The Pace Setter long sleeve looks like a nice top but from the photos we've seen so far, it looks like the arms run tight. I don't know what Lululemon's problem is with designing tight arms but they need to get a new fit model. It's not like this woman is at all over weight. Lululemon has had multiple complaints about the narrow arms they designed into various jacket and tops for the past couple of years. This woman doesn't even look particularly muscular in the arms, just normal, and the arms are still skin tight on her while the body of the shirt is loose. I'm not sure this area of the body is such a problem area for Lululemon to get right while everywhere else they blow their competition out of the water.

Unicorn Tears Groove, Sprinkler Ikat No Limit, Sprinkler Effortless Tote

Thank you to the reader who sent the link to this product alert. These are a pair of Groove pants with the Unicorn Tear print. I am really liking this print and can't wait to see the tanks it will come in.

I think I like the blue version better than the black.

Effortless Tote in Sprinkler

Multi Unicorn Tears Print - In a Headband

You can't tell much from these photos but this is a braided headband in the Multi-Unicorn tears print. We can take hope that this print is appearing in something other than underwear and will hopefully show up soon in a tank. It looks like this is a black and gray toned version of the print.

Unicorn Tears Underwear