Friday, February 11, 2011

Need a Recommendation for New Bottoms For Spin Class

My beloved Passion crops, which I wear to spin class once or twice a week since I bought them a year ago, have developed pin holes where my legs rub on the saddle. I am totally depressed. I guess the feature that makes them so awesome for a stuffy spin room, the lightweight breathable luxtreme, is also it's downfall - it's just not durable enough to be used for cycling. I may switch back to using regular luon pants. My Hills crops which are luxtreme in the front of the leg and luon on the backside have no issues at all. I am also going to look into some other cycling brands. I am thinking of these Shebeest cycling crops:

Shebeest Shindigger Crops

If anyone has any other brands they like to use in spin class I'd be happy to hear it. I don't need a padded pair of cycling shorts but it seems that's the way most of them come.

Run: Pace Setter Pullover

Flush Pace Setter Pullover - looks like static Flush

Static Black Pace Setter Pullover
Reader Laura discovered this new pullover on eBay. It probably is from a strategic partner so it will eventually hit the stores. It looks a lot like the Inspire Pullover to me. It seems a bit late in the year for this but there is still plenty of winter left:

Product Details:
    • Keep a steady pace in this high performance mid-layer pullover!
    • running luon fabric provides inherent quick wicking performance
    • long front zip for easy on and off
    • body mapped with anti-stink circle mesh
    • cuffins with thumbholes keep hands warm!
    • Reflective zippers for visibility in low light
    • Kangaroo pocket for easy access to cards, keys or music
    • Chafe resistant - flat seamed

Tanks Hitting Us Stores - New Push UR Limits and the New Get Focused Tank

The new Get Focused Tank has hit US Stores. It comes in black, flush, and spinkler ikat print. If any of you see it and get to try it on, we'd love a fit review. I have to return something so I'll be heading to the store in the next few days and will look for it.

The new Coal Strata Stripe Push UR Limits is in the US. I'll have to remember if this has the new adjustable bra in it like the Rubber Ducky version. I wish they'd put the adjustable bra in the Power Y tanks. I've read some people complaining about the hook digging into their side but I never noticed anything. However, I've only ever tried on the tanks with the adjustable bra. I've never worn them for an extended period of time.

I can't decide if I like the Sprinkler Ikat Push or not. I thought I would like the Wish with the rainbow stripe straps version but I didn't once I had it on. I'm toying with trading in my new Sprinkler Scoop Neck for this Push. Sometimes I put on certain colors of the Push and I feel I look like a giant pair of boobs because the material is so stretchy and doesn't contain the girls that well. However, the Ikat Push does appeal to my inner attention whore which manifests itself by wearing brightly-colored, wildly-patterned gym clothes. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.