Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coming Soon

A woman on Facebook has posted new items she is seeing in her gym. She lives in Northern California. I think she may live in Hawaii but I am not sure. These are some of the items we can look forward to:

  • SE Scuba in Sprinkler with Coal Strata Stripe Hood and metal zipper
  • Solid Sprinkler Define with Ikat Print on the inside of the collar
  • Solid White Stride jacket with Coal Strata Stripe in the logo area - the cuffs are white
  • Sprinkler Push UR Limits with Ikat Straps [I'm looking forward to this one]
  • Inspire Crops with Beachy Green Band and solid black legs
  • Sprinkler Swiftly LS with Gray collar and contrast stitching
  • A new pant which may be called the Pure Strength pant. It's a slim, narrow legged pant made of luon. On the waistband there is gray sheer luon with vertical gathers.
  • Sprinkler Power Y and Flow Y
The Lulumum blog also had inside information on solid Sprinkler and Flush/Flesh Hot Class tanks. There will also be a cotton hooded pullover, new running pullover, and new running gear hitting the stores later this month. She also has a great post with photos of people's Lululemon closets. I thought I had a lot of Lulu but these people blow me away.

More items coming soon: via Lulumum - Ikat Hot Class Tank and Rubber Ducky Scuba.

From a reader: a new pant (might have been the Pure Strength?) - the educators told me it's a new version of the Energize, but the waistband was really skinny - I wouldn't leave the dressing room in them, the muffin-top was so bad. The exciting part was they were denim, but a dull brown/green I haven't seen before. If the waistband wasn't so unflattering I would have been all over them for the color.