Friday, February 4, 2011

Fit Review of the Silver Hot Class Tank

My Silver Hot Class Tank came this afternoon. I reallly like it but am a little on the fence as to whether to keep it. I think it fits a little looser in the bust than the Black luxtreme/sheer luon I tried on yesterday because I am not squishing out of it like I did in the other one even though it is one size down from my normal tank size. The Silver Hot Class Tank is also better for those with large busts because the top part doesn't stretch as much as the luxtreme version. In the other version the weight of my boobs stretches both the straps and the luxtreme so it pulls the top down and reveals a lot of cleavage. The top stays in place much better in the silver luon version. The straps are still super stretchy so it doesn't give a lot of support but I can do low impact activities in this tank such as Bar Method and weight lifting. In the luxtreme version I wouldn't even wear the tank walking around Disneyland because there would be too much bounce. I can definitely wear this top for walking. I also prefer the circle mesh bottom because it has a little more weight and doesn't cling to lumps and bumps like the sheer luon. I am on the fence about keeping it because I don't know how much use I would get out of it. I am playing with layering various bras under it so I can use it for spin and I'll let you know if I come up with a workable solution. However, the decision may be out of my hands since the darn hang tag snapped off as I was taking the top off. I don't think it's a major problem because they can just thread a plastic thingy through the tag but it's annoying. I think I am leaning towards keeping it - it's super cute and a very flattering design. One nit - the hang tag price was $52 but the on-line price was $62. I wonder if it will be re-priced when it hits the stores.

Update - I tried layering my Free To Be Bra and a Flow Y under this tank and hated them both. However, I did put the cups in the tank and that helps a bit.  One thing, since I am bustier the bottom part of the outer silver luon "bra" rides a bit high - part way up my boobs. The underlayer built-in bra part sits where it should but since I don't want to show a ton of cleavage I pull the tank up. Since it's all black it's not that noticeable. You can kind of see what I am talking about on the aruba one in the web photo:

The gray lower portion of the tank starts a bit high on her bust - not at the actual location of the underside of her bust.

More Silver Luon, Please!!!!

I am fully on board the silver luon band wagon, now. My Challenge Tank is probably my most favorite tank these days. I was skeptical of the design (and price!) when it first came out but bought it once they dropped the price to a more reasonable $58. The more I wear this tank, the more I love it. The design is is a lot like a Push UR Limits with the wide straps and mesh back but the material is thicker so it holds you in and shapes you much better plus the flaw/nip coverage is fantastic. I don't have to put the cups in when I wear it to spin and my chest stays in place, even when bent over the bike doing sprints. I find the material more breathable than luon even though it seems a bit thicker.

My silverescent Hot Class tank will be coming this afternoon and I cannot wait to try it on. I am hoping against hope it will be supportive enough for me but I fear my girls will overwhelm the straps. I'll let you all know in my fit report.

Lululemon should make a lot more tanks with silver luon bra portions to give maximum support. The silver luon blows away power luxtreme for compression and shaping. I also would like to see more crop styles in this material - why not silver luon groove and boogie crops in addition to running crops? How about an All Sport or 50 Rep bra made of Silver luon? The Challenge bra was too skimpy for larger busted ladies but I would love a bra in this material. Silver luon in colors would be wonderful, too. Also, please bring back the Challenge tank, it's a great design. All in all, silver luon is awesome.

Coal Strata Stripe Power Y

This is from an Australian product alert so it's not in North America quite yet. I'm hoping we'll see some Push UR Limits in the Strata Stripe pattern, either Coal or Margarita.

Ikat On Your Bum Bag

The new On Your Bum Bag comes in Ikat print, too.