Sunday, January 30, 2011

Speaking of Deep Vs: Rockin' It Old School Today - Deep V Quilt and Yoga Pant

Today I dug out some oldies but goodies to wear to the gym. The top is the Deep V quilt. I haven't worn this in ages but it is really one of the original Deep V styles (the original didn't have a mesh back or a quilted band of color under the breast). The front shows even more cleavage than an Athletic Deep V and the armpits are cut a bit higher. (That is one of my peeves with the Athletic Deep V). The back is a regular racerback. I know the Athletic Deep V replaced but regular Deep V but I kind of prefer the regular Deep V, especially when it comes to bras.  The pants are the Yoga pant and one of the more flattering cuts (generous cut leg and flare at the bottom), I think, Lululemon ever came out with. Both pieces are probably about four years old. I would love to see the Yoga pants come back.

More Photos from Australia & Rumors

Close up of Coal Strata Stripe Wunder Unders

Close Up of the Coal Strata Stripe Define

Close Up of the Pace Setter Skirt

New No Show Running Sock

Rumors The Lulumum blog has a post today that says she is hearing rumors that the Gratitude Wrap and Deep V are making a comeback.  I did read a blurb on one of the store FB sites about the Gratitude Wrap so I think that one is true. However, I haven't heard/read anything about the Deep V. (Hmmm, just read an anonymous comment on the Superficial Endeavors blog about the Athletic Deep V making a comeback in the spring.) Lulumum lives in Vancouver so maybe she is more at the epicenter of things and gets better gossip than we do. It would be great if the Deep V did make a comeback. I would love if the bras came back, too. I wouldn't mind if they brought back the Repose Tank, too.

Purple Crush Scoop Neck Tank - Try On Review

I think the purple crush Scoop Neck is one of the prettiest Scoop Necks to come out in awhile. I love the darker accent seaming. I'm going to have to be on the lookout for versions that come with darker seaming because it really seemed to flatter my shape much more than a regular Scoop Neck. I'm not normally a huge Scoop Neck fan, they just don't do much for me, with the exception of this tank. The heathered purple crush luon was very soft (felt like thick running luon or brushed luon) and has a good deal of polyester content, something like 46%. However, the luon felt kind of thick and hot so I ended up not getting it. I am getting back into weight lifting and doing other cardio besides spin so I can wear my "warmer" regular weight luon items in the cooler big open area of my gym but the this tank felt even warmer than regular weight luon. If this hit the markdown rack in my size, I might get one but I passed on it today. I really like it though. Every person I have a photo of wearing it looks super cute.