Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australian Head's Up: Hot Class Tank Coming Back and Flush Swiftly

The Hot Class Tank is coming back in black and coal with purple crush.

New Swiftly tee in Flush (the email called it Flush not Flesh or Flash) and Dark Classic Sport Gray

There is also going to be a Define Jacket in Coal Strata Stripe (that will be wild if it's solid CSS) and a Power Y in CSS.

Upload Thursday - What Are You Hoping For? (And heads up on the new color palette)

I don't know why the US isn't getting the newest batch of Push UR Limits. We didn't get the Passion or Snorkel ones and now we are not getting the Rubby Ducky, Aruba, and Purple Crush. I might consider getting a Rubber Ducky Push UR Limits tank if it shows up on line tomorrow. Other than that, I don't know what else I might be interested in. Maybe a Coal Strata Stripe CRB?

New Colors Oh yeah, I forgot to write there was a new set of hair ties in the store - Sprinkler Blue, Flush (looks a lot like Persimmon to me), and Margarita Green (a yellowy minty green). Together they looked really cute so I hope some tops come out with all the colors like in poncho multi stripe. Margarita looked a bit like the CRB color in the photo below, but darker. It does resemble margarita mix. I'm going to try and find a better match for what I saw.

Hair ties in Margarita, Flush, and Sprinkler

Repetition Tank - Try On Report and a Major Rant About Changes in Black Luon

I tried on the Repetition Tank today and was unimpressed. It's a nice enough tank but nothing special. This is tank is definitely not a universally flattering tank like the Scoop Neck or a make-over in a tank like the Happy Heat Tank. It only goes to a size 10 and I thought the tank fit true to size.

MAJOR RANT: I've been toying with the idea of getting some new luon crops (I haven't bought any in two or so years) so today I tried on Wunder Under Crops, Relaxed Fit Crops, and Gather and Crow Crops. I was dismayed at how itchy and scratchy the luon felt, like my old cheapo Marika and Danskin gym pants. One reason I fell in love with Lululemon was the tactile feel of luon - it was soft and soothing and felt like brushed cotton. I don't think you can say that now. The weave has also changed. When I bent over I could see the color of my underwear very clearly through the crops. That never happened in the past, no matter how tight they were. I could always see panty lines but not the color of my underwear. The last luon pants I bought were the Energize Pant when they were out last year (not this latest release but the first one) and the luon felt just fine - the right weight and texture. This new stuff sucks. I guess I will stick to buying the luxtreme bottoms or Zobha bottoms. I bought some Zobha Straight Leg Capris and the material felt a lot like (old) luon and hasn't pilled or roughened at all in the crotch area. Zobha doesn't breathe or wick as well as my (old) luon stuff but it has the right feel. I really hope Lululemon goes back to the old recipe for luon because this new stuff is not up to par.