Friday, January 21, 2011

Photos from Australia: Sprinkler CRB and Coal Strata Stripe CRB and More

Cool Racerback in Sprinkler Blue

Cool Racerback in Coal Strata Stripe

Not sure what color this is but it's pretty - any guesses?

Light Gray Pique In Stride and Wunder Unders with Rubbery Ducky CRB

Light Gray Pique Define and Wunder Unders

Photo of Purple Crush Scuba

Reader HoundLover sent us this photo of her Purple Crush Scuba. She says the logo is not as bright in person. It's so pretty! I am such a sucker for purples.

Aruba Outfit

I am a sucker for a coordinating look. I didn't realize the new Aruba Define jacket had Beachy Green on the collar. I might have to get this. I have a couple of Beachy Green tanks from a couple of years ago but never bought the matching Shape jacket when it was out. Love the matching Aruba Inspire tights and Beachy Green CRB.

Ivivva Has Stolen the Splatter Pattern

Check it out, Ivivva has stolen the splatter pattern from last year. Now moms and their daughters can match.  ;-)  I wonder if Lululemon is borrowing prints from Ivivva.

Lululemon Splatter Remix
Lululemon Splatter Scoop Neck

Loot Upload!!!

Lululemon added some more Loot to the US side of the website. Check it out. A couple of items have been re-stocked, with returns I think. There is a Brisk Run Toque in Coal and a couple of Travel Pooches that I know people on FB have been looking for.

NEW! Aruba/Gray Cabin Longsleeve and Midnight Blue Dance Studio Pants

Uh oh, the new Gray and Aruba Cabin Long sleeve reverses to all-Aruba. I am liking this one much better than the yellow version.

 Dance Studio Pant (unlined) in  Raw Blue

Are You a Lulu Hoarder?

I read the best expression on Facebook today, "Lulu Hoarder". I think I might be turning into one. I have something like 75 tops but only wear about a third of them regularly. The rest have been sitting in my closet. I am struggling with getting rid of them. Some of them are like trophies - they were hard to find or coveted items that I finally obtained and now I am loathe to part with them. Others are patterns, prints, colors, or styles I once loved but now have found new loves. How do you all decide when it's time to move on and get rid of your Lululemon? Do you have a rule of thumb - if it's been XX months and I haven't worn this then I will get rid of it? I could certainly use the closet space and boost to my Paypal account.

NEW! Photos of Gray/Rubber Ducky Cabin Longsleeve

Photos of the new Cabin Longsleeve in Gray and Rubbery Ducky Yellow. Not sure if I will get this one. I think I'd rather have a solid color. Hope it is coming in more colors.

Push UR Limits Update - The Built In Bra Is Now Adjustable

I didn't realize the latest batch of Push UR Limits now has an adjustable bra inside. I've tried these on in the Inner Strength and one other tank (I can't remember which now) and you would think you'd feel the hook at your side but you don't.  I can't say that I think the built in bra is too tight (like it is in Power Y) but it's a nice feature. I've been reaching for my Push UR Limit tanks a lot lately but I don't know if I love the latest batch of colors all that much. My favorite would probably be the Purple Crush but I am hoping we'll see a Coal Strata Stripe Push UR Limits.