Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NEW! Repetition Tank

I don't have a photo yet but a reader has spotted a new tank - the Repetition Tank. She describes it as "a simple spaghetti strap tank with a v in the front made of two layers of the mesh stuff that's on the bottom of the repetition crops, but no contrast colors". It comes in Aruba, Concord, and Black.

NEW! Coal Strata Stripe Flow Y, Two-Tone Swiftly, Endeavor Duffle and More

Flow Y in the Coal Strata Stripe Pattern

This looks so similar to last year's Heathered Coal Wee Stripe (HCWE) and Static Wave Stripe. I think I can use my Coal/HCWE Define Jacket with this.

Long sleeve swiftly in Purple Crush/Dark Classic Sport Gray

The Irvine, CA store posted a few photos of a woman wearing another Flow Y under her No Limit tank for extra support. You can check the series out to see how it shows up. They also posted they received some "vintage luon we all know and love making a comeback" - does anyone know what they are referring to? I don't consider the No Limit "vintage" since it was a new design from last year.

Endeavor Duffle - This bag looks pretty large

Effortless Tote

Ikat Craziness - I'm sure the staff put this outfit together just for fun, but add some high heels and it has potential to show up on a latin american tv show.

The band of these Astro pants are so pretty.

The latest Astro pants - Aruba/Beachy Green, Ikat/Concord Grape, Purple Crush/Heathered Purple Crush

Speed Skirt - Offered In Tall Again. Yay!

Run: Speed Skirt
Back when I first started buying Lululemon you could buy the running skirts and shorts like the Reverse Grooves in Tall versions which were a couple of inches longer than the regular version. I have several pairs of Relaxed Fit (similar to the Knock Out) and Boogie On (similar to Boogie) shorts and love them. I'm not tall but I like the extra coverage. Lululemon stopped making the Tall versions (at least in the shorts) for awhile but now it appears they are bringing back talls in the latest Run: Speed Skirts. Yay! I would love it if they brought back the tall Reverse Grooves, too.

Tomorrow's Upload

I have a feeling tomorrow will be a big upload with all the new stuff that has shown up at the stores. I would think we'd see a lot of Ikat and the No Limits Tanks plus the new running pullovers. I am not really in the market for anything new but if a surprise new tank style shows up I might bite. I also might get a new Cabin Longsleeve shirt if any new colors show up that I like. I am on the fence about the Ikat No Limit. I have two now so am unsure how many more I really can use.

What are you hoping for?

Australian Heads Up and Photos of the Latest Stuff

One of my Australian product alerts listed the following items in new colors: CRB in Frosted Sprinkler (I would think it's something like Static) and a Flow Y in Iris Wee Stripe. Here are a couple of photos of what Sprinkler and Iris look like:

Gather V tank in Sprinkler Blue
Groove Pants in Sprinkler (bottom) and Cove Blue

Remix in Black and Iris Purple

The Ikat Slipless headband is now on the website. I would think we'll see all the Ikat stuff uploaded tomorrow since it's in the stores now.

More photos of the Distance Pullover in Black and Concord Grape. I don't know if Southern California is getting this top. It's $118 and also comes in white/static.

The Scoop Neck tank in Cocord Grape and Ikat. I forgot to mention I saw this in the store yesterday.

All the latest No Limits tanks -White/Pique, Black, Aruba, Coal/Purple Crush, and Black/Ikat.

New Effortless Duffle Bag - smaller than the Effortless Tote