Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Late Edition Store Trip Report

I had to run back to the Irvine store tonight to pick up something I left there and they got a few more new things in today. They have the White/Light Gray Pique No Limit now. It looked like they only had a few sizes of this but a bunch of sizes in the Black, Coal/Purple Crush, and Aruba No Limits.

They also got a Flow Y in the Coal Strata Stripe (the photo is of the Scoop Neck in the Coal Strata Stripe). I really like this pattern and am looking forward to see what tanks it will come in. It reminds me a lot of Heathered Coal Wee Stripe except for unevenly spaced white between the gray stripes.

 They also received the Speed Up Tank in Black, White, and Aruba.

They also got in Slipless Headbands in the Ikat print, which I bought. I had a slipless headband a while ago but it was too tight but I will give this new one a chance.

NEW! 50 Rep and Boogie Shorts in Ikat, Light Gray Pique In Stride, New Patterns Coming

I wish I had a tank that would show the Ikat 50 Rep Bra underneath it. My Cool Racerbacks don't dip low enough to show my bra. I wish Lululemon made some sort of black boat neck shirt that would at least show the straps.

Ikat print Boogie Shorts - totally cute.

Light Gray Pique In Stride Jacket

I forgot to write that I tried on the black pique Define Jacket today. This version had a black, big tooth plastic zipper instead of the blingy white one. I love the fabric but just bought the Ikat Define so can't really justify a new jacket now.

One of the Canadian stores posted this saying we'll be seeing more of this print. I like this multi colored version much better than the all Lagoon one.

This almost looks like an ombre version of the Ikat as the color fades from top to bottom. I like it.

No Limit Layered with a 50 Rep Bra Underneath

A reader asked for a photo of the No Limit with another bra layered underneath it. This is a photo of a black No Limit with a 50 Rep underneath. The photos are taken in my rather dim powder room with my iPhone but I think it will give you an idea of how much extra fabric shows underneath the tank.

In the front, the 50 Rep bra pretty much fully hides underneath the Flow Y except for the straps. The bras overlap each other in the front of the armpit. The 50 Rep has a deeper cleavage (i.e., dips lower) than the No Limit.

The 50 Rep is a little more obvious in the back but I think it's livable when layering black on black. When I wear my Aruba No Limit I will use another Flow Y bra underneath. I wanted to try it with an Aruba 50 Rep when I was at the store today but they didn't have one.

This is a bit blurry but I think you can see the edges of the No Limit on top of the 50 Rep in this photo.

Hope this helps and forgive my non-model like physique and dry skin.  ;-)

Today's Shopping Trip - No Limit Tank, Movement Jacket, and Run: Willpower Pullover

I went down to the Irvine store today to return my Black Pique In Stride Jacket and try on the Aruba No Limit tank. The store had the No Limits in Black, Aruba, and Coal/Purple Crush. I already have a black so I tried on the Aruba and Purple Crush. The store did not have any size 12s in the No Limit (they didn't seem to think they were even available in that size but you guys have reported buying 12s so I know they are out there). They also called over to the Newport store for me and they didn't have any 12s either and only had two Aruba ones left as of about 10:30 this morning so the tank is selling pretty fast although the Irvine store had quite a few when I was there. I ended up getting a size 10 Aruba No Limit. It fit looser than I thought it would, especially the bra band, and looser than the size ten Coal/Purple Crush No Limit.  The tank is definitely a low support tank for a larger busted woman so I will layer another bra under it when I go to the gym. I have an older Flow Y than I can use and a Not So Deep V bra in matching colors (Beachy Green/Aruba) to the Aruba. The Not So Deep V shows a lot so I haven't decided if I will use that. I also discovered the 50 Rep bra doesn't show too much under the No Limit - the straps show in front and the back comes up a bit higher but if you match colors no one will really tell. I am wearing my black No Limit now with a black 50 Rep under it.  I haven't worn my black No Limit to the gym that much but when I first bought it I didn't have a black Flow Y or my black 50 Rep to use under it. Now that I have discovered they work pretty well, I'm going to put the No Limit into my rotation. I forgot how soft and airy light this tank is. I'm thinking I might order the Ikat version if it shows up on line on Thursday. I have two now and I don't feel like running around Southern California chasing these down but if they are uploaded, I'd like to try it.

I tried on the Run: Willpower Pullover and really liked it. I thought it fit loose in the shoulders and upper arms but now that I think about it I didn't zip it up. It was long enough that I could pull it down over my rear but I think you would blouse it up a bit to sit at your hips. The only thing that bugged me was the ribbon detail at the elbows. It seemed to narrow this area so I could feel my elbows being constricted. It's a nice looking design element but I didn't like how it felt. All in all, I really liked this pullover but it's a mid-weight windbreaker and I can't see myself getting much use out of it here in warm Southern California. I will keep an eye on this in the hopes that it hits the markdown rack in my size but I don't know how likely that is since it's a pretty nice jacket. The hood is kind of large (and on the heavy side since it's lined with circle mesh) but it has toggles on the side to cinch it up and make it smaller. It's too bad there isn't some fastener at the back of the neck so you could roll the hood up when you didn't need it.

I also tried on the movement jacket. It was made out of lightweight french terry, like the material used in the Lulu pant II. It was an ok jacket but for $98 I expect something a little more stylish/unique looking. A hood and pockets with some detail at the edges doesn't justify the price. It also had the cheap blingy white zipper that I hate. I think the jacket run true to size and is curve hugging.