Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip - Markdown Report

Today I was able to visit the El Segundo/South Bay store. The store didn't have anything new I didn't see yesterday but they had some nice things on markdown. They had Ta Ta Tamers in Teal Zeal and Senorita Pink marked down to $44. They also had them up to size 38DD which is the first time I've seen that size in a store and been able to try it on. I've always had to try on the 36DD and it never worked for me. The 38DD was much better. I might have gotten the Teal Zeal one but I don't have any tanks in that color so I can't really use it. I also could really probably use a 38E in the Ta Ta Tamer. The DD cups just aren't big enough but I could probably get buy if it comes out in a color I need/like. The store also had The Bust Stops Here on sale for $44, just like the website, and they had black up to a 38DD in that size, too. I might have bought that bra any other time but I think I might want to get the Aruba No Limits tank so I decided I can live without it. I wonder if the El Segundo store regularly gets the 38DD bras or someone just returned a bunch. That size is always sold out on line.

The store also had brushed luon Wish Poncho Strides on markdown from $118 to $99. I really thought about getting this jacket because I have four tops in Wish/Static Wish/Multi Stripe Poncho.  I need to have three to four coordinating tanks before I commit to a jacket in a non-neutral color. However, I noticed a loose thread at the shoulder and the last time I bought an item with threads already unraveling (Zoom Knee Short), I had to take it into get fixed. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a hem but the shoulder is a visible area for a repair. All the issues people have had with their Stride Jackets make me extra cautious about getting one. If they had another in my size I probably would have gotten it but they didn't and I'll just have to wait until Wish makes another appearance or I find a jacket on eBay. I would have loved a Wish Define with the Multi Poncho Stripe in the logo area.

The store also had Sailor Stripe Strides also marked down from $108 to $99. That's not much of a sale but I am conditioned to respond to the purple sale sticker. I like the Sailor print but I need a bit more off to get this jacket.

There were other items on the racks and if you live in the area you might want to stop in and see what is on sale.

Photo of Aruba Resolution LS Top

There are a couple of new Resolution LS Running Luon tops hitting the stores now. One is in Aruba and the other is a two-tone Heathered Purple Crush with solid Purple Crush down the sides.

NEW!!! Solid Aruba No Limit Tank (Updated)

Reader LuvLulu was kind enough to include a link to her product alert email that includes a photo of the new solid-Aruba No Limit Tank. Her email says the No Limit is coming in sizes 4-10. I am excited to try this on.

Update - A reader says she was able to buy the Coal/Purple Crush No Limit in a size 12 so they are available up to a 12 this release cycle. Yay!

NEW! Movement Jacket, Ikat Scoop, Inspire Pant, and More

The Lulumum blog had some reader photos of this jacket earlier this week but here are the first store photos of the new french terry Movement Jacket. It's ok, but I'm not feeling the urge to run down to the store to grab this.

The Concord Grape/Ikat Scoop Neck Tank has hit our shores. It looks like things are arriving in North America about two weeks behind Australia.

I think this is Beachy Green but the lighting is off in this series of photos. She is wearing the new Inspire Tight.

The new West Coast Wave Reflective pattern in Groove pants.

Backside of the new Inspire Tight