Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aussie Insider - Photos of Coal Shale Stripe Scoop Neck & Comparison of Flush, Passion, and Alarming

Australian reader, Sue, was kind enough to send us photos of her new Coal Strata Stripe Scoop neck tank. The camera is causing some moire pattern distortion in the photo but we can get an idea of what the new stripe pattern looks like. I like stripes so this pattern interests me.

Sue also send us a comparison of Flush, Passion, and Alarming.

At the top is Passion, in the middle is Flush with the Strata Stripe, and at the bottom is Alarming. Sue writes that Flush is more orangey than Passion. From this photo, I'd say Flush looks a lot like Persimmon. I would love to see a comparison of Flush and Persimmon.

Thank you so much for sending these to us, Sue!