Friday, January 7, 2011

Part 2 of Today's Shopping Trip - Ikat, In Stride Jacket Try On, Beachy Green, and a New Crop Style

The Newport store got some of the Ikat print things in late today (at least the Flow Y and a tee). I got all excited when I was checking out because the girl thought they had Ikat print CRBs in the back but it turned out it was an Ikat print short sleeve tee. It was ringer style with black outlining the neck. I can't remember if black also outlined the sleeves. It was actually pretty cute and I may try it on later but the kids were staging a mutiny on me so I had to go. I think the tee style was called Lively or something. I'm 99% sure it was not a Live Simply. It was made of cotton and lycra but felt more like a technical fabric than cotton.

There is also a new crop style. It is a close fitting crop like Wunder Unders with three (two?) diagonal bands of colors all the way around the leg opening. The leg opening is also has a triangle with rounded edges cut out of it. I think she called it the Resolution Crop or something like that. It definitely began with an R and the one on the mannequin had the new purple colors. They were muted purples (not neony) and I think I am going to like them at lot. As soon as I find a photo I will post it.

In Stride Jacket in Coal/Coal Denim
Product Info: 
  • Keep warm at the track or after your morning class in this jacket
  • Made with luon® fabric-breathable, cotton-like feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing for freedom of movement
  • Zipper garage to protect your chin
  • Loose fitting and long in length for coverage
  • Thumbholes keep your sleeves down and your hands warm!
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk
  • $108
  • Coal/Coal Denim, Black Pique, Flush/Coal Strata Stripe
I tried on the new In Stride Jacket. I had to try on the next size down since they didn't have my size and like the educators mentioned it is loose fitting through the shoulders and arms. The Coal In Stride is mostly plain Coal Luon with Denim Luon only at the collar, cuffs, Lulu symbol on the chest, and band at the bottom so the jacket is mostly plain Coal luon. Although the jacket didn't use the blingy white zipper - yay - I'm kind of used to the big toothed zipper used on my Defines, Gather Together, and Wear With All and think the smaller zipper on the In Stride is kind of cheap looking and doesn't do anything for this jacket. A big toothed zipper would give this jacket some personality. Overall, I like the fit and look of the jacket but the Coal/Coal Denim one is kind of dull looking and I would rather get this in a bright color or two-tone color. Oh yeah, the price is $108.

I just got an Australian product alert that has a photo of a Black Pique In Stride Jacket - now we're talking! There is also a Flush (a color similar to Fruity Tootie from what I can tell)/Coal Strata Stripe

Black Pique In Stride Jacket - Nice!
The store had some of the new Dance Headband color combos which gives us a heads up on what to expect in the clothes. There was a Rubber Ducky yellow with Coal Denim combo. I bought an Aruba/Beachy Green one (so pretty) because I have a few tops in those colors from the last time Aruba was out. I compared the Beachy Green strap to my Caribe Not So Deep V bra and if there was a difference in the colors I can't see it. So, Caribe and Beachy Green are the same. I'm excited to see what clothes come out in these colors because I already have a few tops and my Smurfy Gulf Groove pants. Oh yeah, one odd thing about my Aruba/Beachy Green Dance Headband is that the color code on the price tag reads INKS/DNVY. Everyone of the Arbua/Beachy ones were like that. I'm kind of excited that Deep Navy is making a comeback. However, I am wondering what INKS is - Inkstain? I don't think I know what Inkstain looks like.

The sale rack at the Newport Store is getting picked over but things are now getting marked down two and three times. I ended up getting a pair of black Still Shorts for $29. I had thought about them last week when they were $39 so I'm glad I waited. I know they had a few pairs left in 12 and I saw at least one pair in a size 6. I live in these shorts in the summer. I also had my hands on a plum Heart tank which was marked down for $34 and nearly bought it but I didn't feel the same rip-off-the-tag lust for it that I felt for the Wish version so I decided to put it back on the rack and wait for the Ikat tanks to come out. Quite a few of the tanks were marked down to $34. I know the Ikat stuff is here so I may go back tomorrow to see what has been put out. The girl wasn't sure what they had in the back and only had time to go through a couple of boxes for me.

NEW Jacket - Resolution Jacket (Part 1 of Today's Shopping Trip)

I went to the Newport Beach store today to see the new Stride In Jacket and found several new things. The Resolution Jacket was one of them. It's a new to and fro jacket. It is not bad looking from the front except for the blingy white zipper. The length came down to probably crotch level on me (5'5"). However the back was rather droopy like the old No Rain, No Gain Jacket or the newer Tadasana Jacket. It's lightly lined like the Hustle Jackets. It has a hood that cannot be tucked away. The price is $148. Sorry for the bad photos but I was in a small dressing room and couldn't back up more to get the whole jacket in one picture.

New Groove Band Style - What Are The Colors?

OK, so what is the black color in this band? Black Pique or Black Denim? I'm kind of hoping Black Denim because I'd rather get a Black Denim Jacket. Does Lulu ever release two denims at the same time? We already know Coal Denim is out. It's also in the band in this photo:

Coal Denim Above the Ikat Print
I know the purples are probably heathered or static version of the new Concord Grape and Purple Crush.

Product Alerts with the New Ikat Print and Groove Pant Sunburst Band

Here are the product notices for the new Ikat print. This one is Concord Grape/Black Ikat.

From my Australian product alerts we know there is going to be a Scoop Neck with Concord Grape as the body and the Concord Grape Ikat as the neck.

Groove pants also come with the new sunburst style quilted band. The color code is QUBO, which stand for quilted something ... I'll post as soon as I find out. I love this band style! LOVE!

NEW Jacket - The In Stride Jacket - Nice!

Reader Michelle Q spotted this jacket at the Newport Beach Lululemon store yesterday but it's also in Canada. It's called the In Stride Jacket and it's very similar to a Stride but without the hood. Here is a still from the video and a couple of Facebook photos of the jacket. Michelle saw it in Coal Denim. I think I need to try this on ASAP.

In Stride Jacket

The Halifax store has a video that highlights it (thanks to Anonymous for the heads up on this):