Thursday, January 6, 2011

NEW! Ikat Print Here in US!

This print has a hint of cougarific animal print about it but I think I like it. It's a bit bold. I'll have to try it on to see how I like it on.

I am loving the sunburst pattern of these new Groove crops.I haven't bought Groove crops in a while but I may have to get these. Love!

Question About Static Coal Brushed Still Pants

Does anyone have these Static Coal Brushed Still pants? I was wondering if there are as silky feeling as the Static Charcoal/Static Dark Classic Sport Gray. They look like they might have a different texture than the other static stills. I'll have to keep an eye out for them the next time I am in the store.

Today's Upload - Some Goodies

There were a few goodies uploaded today. The dip dye modern racers made an appearance.

I really like the microstripe Push UR Limits but I think I want to try on the Snorkel and Passion and see if I really like them on me. The Snorkel looks really cute on the model.

The black microstripe CRB is very cute and a nice basic. The material on this CRB is thicker feeling than normal light luon.

I like the Black Pique Define better than the coal version but the white zipper kind of ruins it for me. I wish they put a black one on this jacket.

I have the Black Pique Define in my cart but I think I am going to leave it there.

What did you get?