Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Upcoming Items in the Current Palette

My Australian product alerts had the following in their stores so we can look forward to getting these some day:

  • Scoop Neck Tanks: Passion/Passion Microstripe (MS), Faded Zap/FZMS, and Aruba/Black 
  • Push UR Limits:  Faded Zap Microstripe (not sure if this is the solid body with the stripe straps or all microstripe), Passion/Passion MS, Snorkel Blue (not sure if has microstripe straps or not)

Also, some of my US store alerts had the new Retro Groove bag in a couple of new colors that I wonder if clothes will also come in:

The color code to this was FLSH. I'm hoping that stands for Flash. It reminds me a bit of Fruity Tootie. I hope some clothes come in this pink. It's fun.

This bag was coded SPRI which I think stands for Spring or Sprinkler.

NEW Tank - Speed Up Tank

Light Up Tank in Aruba

This is from an Australian product alert so I'm not sure when we'll see this one in North America. It's the Run: Speed Up tank. It looks an awful lot like the Light Up tank that was out in June minus the reflective stripes. I liked the Light Up tank ok but it was priced at $68 so I passed on it. I thought the Light Up had a flattering fit but was a little snug on top, not supportive enough, and showed too much cleavage when you bent over.

Light Up Tank Product Info:
  • Let speed reign in this medium support, performance tank
  • 4-way stretch luxtreme™ has inherent wicking & high LYCRA® content for maximum support
  • Body mapped mesh panels keep you cool while you heat up
  • Anti-sitnk circle mesh liner with pockets for removable cups
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams

Light Up Tank

Hot Short Print - Lagoon Unicorn Tears

I don't know if prints that are used in the underwear ever show up in the clothes, but here is a pair of Hotshorts in the Unicorn Tears Print.

Tomorrow's Upload - What Are You Looking For?

So, tomorrow I think there is a good chance we'll see the new Dip Dye Modern Racer tanks. They've recently arrived in my local stores so I think they might be uploaded tomorrow:

I know many people love the Modern Racers but I don't have one of these yet. I think most people tend to size down in this tank.

I also think there is a good chance we'll see the new Hustle jackets since they are in the stores now, too:

I know two new run shirts were already uploaded earlier this week:

Personal Best Tech Short Sleeve

Revitalize Tech Short Sleeve
Of the two, I like the Personal Best Short Sleeve better because of the square neckline and no stripe down the back or armpit accent color like in the Revitalize. However, I won't buy the Personal Best because it always has Static Gray or Black as an accent color at the neck and bottom. I would much rather this shirt be solid or accented with the same color in microstripe like the latest Revitalize tops. I hate Static accents unless it's on a black or gray top where it can complement the main color of the top. Static adds nothing to a non-gray or black top and doesn't really match with black or coal bottoms. I cannot wait until Lululemon gets over this phase of adding static accents to the running stuff.

Ok, now that my anti-static mini rant is over I'll get back to talking about the upload. I guess I am not looking for anything in particular except a new tank design or color combo that I must have. Other than that, I am not really "looking" for anything.

What are you hoping for?

Is "Seaside" Another New Color?

Spring '09 Palette

I just found a seller on eBay who tends to have the latest things selling a CRB in "Seaside". This color looks a lot like the old "Sea Spray" from a couple of years ago. Coupled with the re-release of Aruba and the new "Beachy Green" which I suspect may be Caribe I think we are seeing a re-release of some of the colors in the Spring '09 palette. I see there is Zap Yellow which could be Rubber Ducky and Concord Grape which could be Bruise. (I missed out on Bruise so wouldn't mind a comeback of that color.)  We already have Snorkel Blue. It will be hard to tell until we see clothes in these colors but I really liked the Spring '09 palette and am glad to see some of the colors come back in (hopefully) new clothes.

Seaside CRB

Spring 2011 Colors - Rubber Ducky, Beachy Green, Purple Crush, Aruba, Concord Grape

The Yorkdale store has a series of Facebook posts with the latest colors. This is the lineup for the women's line. I think we knew about all of these colors anyway from the Australian product alerts and the new Retro Groove bag and headband releases.

It's hard to tell exactly what these colors will look like between using Photoshop to approximate them and the variations in computer monitors but we can take a shot by looking at what has been released so far:

The inside of the new gym bag gives a hint of what Concord Grape, Purple Crush, and Beachy Green look like. All of these colors look very similar to older ones except for the Concord Grape which looks a bit like the men's Dahlia to me.

Concord Grape actually similar to Very Violet but that could be the lighting in this photo. It also could be more like Jellybean:
Spark Tank in Jellybean purple

Beachy Green looks a lot like Lagoon:

Lagoon CRB
or maybe more like the old Caribe:

Older Style Extend Crops in Caribe

Caribe and Aruba were paired together in tops before:
The yellow looks more like Chirp than Mac N Cheese:

Mac N Cheese CRB

Chirp Define Jacket