Saturday, December 10, 2011

White Coal Tinted Canvas Super Print Scuba is Here - LOVE!!

lululemon Scuba hoodie in Tinted Canvas print
My White Coal Tinted Canvas Super print Scuba came today and I am in love. I was hoping to be underwhelmed so I could save $128 but I really, really like it. Like others have mentioned, it's as soft and pliable as the Snowy Owl Scuba. I hadn't expected that since the Black Swan Creekside Camo Scuba was as stiff as a regular Scuba. I figured the softness of the Snowy Owl was a fluke. However, we are in luck and lulu has put out another soft, cozy Scuba. If all Scubas came this soft, I'd have a much larger Scuba collection.

The Scuba I received was a lot darker than I had anticipated given how light it is on the lulu website and in the few stores photos I've found. I think mine might have more dark patches than either of those, though.

lululemon Scuba hoodie
lululemon Scuba hoodie
I like that it's a bold pattern but in sedate colors. It definitely has an urban camouflage vibe about it. In fact, when I asked my son which Scuba he liked better, my Snowy Owl or the Tinted Canvas, the first words out of his mouth were camouflage. (Note to self, never ask a twelve year old boy about my clothes again.)  When you are up close, though, the patches have floral look to them.

close up of floral print
All in all, I am glad I ordered this Scuba. I only wish it had the same neat looking metal pull that the Snowy Owl came with. I think it fits true to size. I am trying to decide whether I should keep or sell the Snowy Owl Scuba


Debbie said...

Did you order with Tuesday's upload? I ordered some items Tues and they've not arrived yet. Before with the Thursday upload I would get my delivery Monday without fail. So I was kind I thinking I would get my things maybe even Thurs. Its no big deal but you know how you get all kid-on-Christmas morning about waiting for your purchase!

It looks like they used the Smartpost thing this time where they go FedEx and then it goes to your local post office and then to the home. I've not had Lulu do it that way before.

yogibabe said...

Well, I'm glad you like yours. Like I mentioned earlier, mine also has a lot more darker patches than any pictures of it that I've seen, (very similar to yours-just a little more of the lighter grey patches towards the bottom of the back). I have been trying it quite a bit and it is growing on me. :) I have till Fri (for my store trip) to decide on it's fate. I still love my Snowy Owl more and glad that this Tinted one is just as soft as the Owl!

Stephanie said...

Do you remember when the Hot Yoga Hobo was first released? I got that one... the one in Black Seabed. Anyways, the inside of that bag (and the little drawstring bag that came inside it) is White Coal Tinted Canvas. Did you realize? I'm just now recognizing that!

screenshop said...

If your snowy owl scuba is a size 4luluaddict, you should sell it to me!

Anonymous said...

My last order took 11 days - and there was no tracking info for me to check on the whereabouts of my parcel. I am in California and it went through Smart Post so from Fedex to the post office. So frustrating for something to take that long.

LuluAddict said...

@ Stephanie - My gym bag has the Coal Tinted Canvas print on the inside, too. It's the REtro Groove in Grapeseed.

@ Screenshop - It's a 10. :(

Anonymous said...

I have the duffle with the same print inside. Love my bag.