Sunday, December 25, 2011

What To Expect for Tomorrow - SoCal Version

The Beverly Hills store just posted photos of the new items they'll have for tomorrow. I'll probably visit my local stores but I think I want to hit spin class first. Be sure to check on line, too, since lulu will be doing a Boxing Day upload of both new and markdown items.

The Distance Pullover is here - yay! Not sure if they Pig Pink one is coming to SoCal or not.

The Back on Track LS are here, too. I like these but don't really need anymore long sleeve running luon tops. I want to try them on, though.

The new Back on Track Skirt colors are here.

New Swiftlys in Pigment and Pig.

The new Pigment Stay On Course Jacket

Back on Track Jackets.


Anonymous said...

LLA, are the Back On Track LS really made of Rulu? I went to order it and read in the description it is made of Knitted Silverscent. Is that in addition to Rulu? I'm confused now. Has anyone here gotten one yet and call tell me what they are really made of?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I also wen to order a Back on Track LS but dumped it because it said knitted silverescent. I'm not a fan of that fabric. Does anyone know?

Lana said...

Bought one, not sure what it is but I did NOT like it, its already in the car to return. The fabric looked really fuzzy and not durable. Not a win.