Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Upload Tomorrow, Warehouse Sale Kind of Anounced, Photos of the Latest

lululemon pig pink striped no limit yoga tank
I read there is definitely supposed to be an upload tomorrow. I'm thinking if the pink No Limit Tank shows up I might order it. I saw a photo of a women wearing it with plum wunder unders and it looked so cute together. Another reader wrote in to say she heard Flash won't be showing up in North America until February - boo!  The Masonville store just posted a photo of the Flash Deep Breath tank so more Flash is here - yay!

lululemon flash pink deep breath tank
Brrr - I know they're Canadian and used to it but it seems mean to make them run outside in skimpy tank tops. I grew up and went to college in upstate NY but now that I've been in Southern California for 16 years my blood is thin. I reach for a Scuba hoodie when temps go below 70.

Anywhoo, look - it's the flash Deep Breath. I wonder if flash items will be in tomorrow's upload. That would be awesome.

Check it out - Slub Denim/Wild Lime Boogie shorts were sneaked (snuck?) onto the website. I hope this means more wild lime is coming soon. (Thanks to Allison for the heads up.)

lululemon ottawa warehouse sale flyer
Lulu semi "anounced" the warehouse sale by posting want ads for workers. This year it will be in Ottawa but it might as well be on the moon for me.  I wish they'd have something similar in the US or at least put an outlet in the southwest so I can get some great deals. One of the ladies on my boards posted the deals at her outlet - $10 Biker Groove shorts. So jealous!

lululemon vinyasa scarf silver spoon print

lululemon vinyasa scarf striped
The other new Vinyasa scarf in silver spoon and white stripe.

lululemon pigment blue cool racerback tank
I would think the Heathered Pigment Blue Cool Racerback will be uploaded soon. (Shown with the Will pant)

lululemon insight pant
A photo of the new Insight Pant. Shown with the Heathered Black Back on Track Pullover.

lululemon shine your heart out run vest
lululemon shine your heart out vest
lululemon shine your heart out vest

A couple more photos of the Shine Your Heart Out Vest. Has anyone seen this in their stores yet and know how much it is? I'd guess over $100. I think it will be marked down quickly but you never know. Lulumum writes in to say it's $68 but has no pockets and is all mesh. That's actually almost reasonable for a lulu vest.

lululemon blue slub scuba hoodie coal slub salt and pepper scuba hoodie
Photo of the Pigment Blue Slub and Coal Slub Salt and Pepper Scuba hoodies. The blue looks lighter than it is in person.


Lulumum said...

$68 for the vest. it's all power mesh and no pockets.

LuluAddict said...

Really? That is actually kind of reasonable for a lulu vest. I don't think I've seen one that cheap in years.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what time they post the new items on the "we made too much" section. They are always sold out by the time I get there!


Anonymous said...

Do you know what time they post the new items on the "we made too much" section. They are always sold out by the time I get there!


Lacey said...

Do you think we'll see the colored wunder under pants? I don't think they have been uploaded to the website yet.

lacey said...

And BTW has anyone seen any wunder under crops in Plum, size 4? I can't seem to find them anywhere and am desperate to get them! And I just can't pay the gouged prices on eBay. Just too ridiculous. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Insight crops and pants both came out the first time around. both made it to stores but only pants to the website.

Anonymous said...

no upload :( only a few items i don't need added to loot and some random stock replenished. booo!!!!

Tite Mélan said...

Do you know if Deep Breath tank is similar to the scoop neck tank (for the lengh)????? I'm 5'11" tall...

Dawn said...

I love that snowy pic! I'm about an hour north of London (where that pic was taken) and we've been so lucky to have pretty mild weather for this time of year. We actually had rain here the day before that snow fell. That pic makes me want to go for a run (although not in a tank top!!)
Happy New Year!

Mimi_yogi said...

I find that the deep breath tank is a little bit longer in the torso than the scoop neck. It also isn't as tight through the waist. I love how they look on! Sadly, I can't practice in them...upward dog and bam...the girls popped out...oh well....the flash deep breath is gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

I actually picked up a No Limit Tank where the bra portion was Flash at the Houston store last week! Let me know if you would like me to send a picture.

Tracey G. said...

Are they going to update later in the day? Nothing new was added as of now.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the upload too. :(

yogibabe said...

Maybe this is why Educators are not supposed to tell us if an upload is pending. I was also informed by an Educator that an upload is a "for sure" today....sigh...still no new items in sight. I did noticed the Run: Stay On Course Tight in Pig Pink in the WMTM-Loot, on the Canadian site. Thought it is a new item. Still it's not going to do me any good as I can't shop on the Canadian site!

emaysway said...

I noticed a couple new items in the WMTM on the US site and a few regular new items, though nothing to get excited over (a few new color headbands, a pp run inspire crop etc). Overall if that was the upload I'm bummed!

Allison said...

I'm LuluAddict famous!! :)

Anonymous said...

I also have insight pants from the first go around.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks for the correction on the Insight pants. I couldn't find any pants photos in my photo files so I figured it never came out. How weird.

The flash No Limit is the first flash item that made it to the states but Australia/New Zealand got a lot more tops in flash - swiftly, Scoop Neck, etc.- that I am waiting to see here.

@ Lacey - I swear the colored Wunder Under pants were uploaded a week or two ago. They sold quickly. You might want to try one of the Angels listed on the right side of my blog. They are pretty good at finding hard to find items.

Olivia said...

Yay! I live in Ottawa and am a broke student so this warehouse sale is the best news for me!

I saw the new scarves in store today and balked at the price tag of $48. Gotta be kidding me.

This is why I mostly only shop the sales. And buy maybe one Scuba a year.

OPI Addict said...

Can't wait for the warehouse sale! I'm in Ottawa so it's great for me!