Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip

lululemon flash pink no limit yoga tank
I went to the store today to pick up my husband's hemmed pants and got to see the new No Limit Tank with Flash in it. The color reminded me a little of Razzmatazz:

Razzmatazz Seamless Tee
Anyway, it's an bright energetic color so I am looking forward to seeing the other tanks it comes in.

lululemon will yoga pant in black pique
I also got to try on the new Will pants in the black pique. They only go to a ten which is the wrong size for me but I liked them. I liked the higher rise but I didn't care for the pockets on the thighs. I hope they come out with a subsequent version without the pockets that goes to a twelve.

lululemon Power y yoga tank in tinted canvas print
Oh yes, I got to try on the Tinted Canvas Power Y which I liked a lot. However, the one in my size had the lulu symbol right on the nipple so it was a no go for me. They didn't have another in my size. I might visit another lulu store tomorrow or just save getting this until after Christmas.


TxMuse said...

That CRB in the white coal tinted canvas is very cute. Looks much cuter in this photo than on the model on the lululemon website.

Lacey said...

I laughed at your comment on the placement of the lulu symbol for the tinted canvas power y! I tried on the tinted canvas crb the other day and the lulu symbol was right over the crotch area. yikes! I'm definitely glad I tried this on before purchasing!

Katie said...

I just bought the Will pants in black pique today and I LOVE them. I have worn them all night. It is rare that the tags come off a $100 pr of tights for me so soon. Usually they would sit in the closet a few days while I consider them. They are just beyond comfy. I like the pockets, but then again it makes them look lounge-y which I am a fan of. I have not been able to justify a regular pair of long WUs...b/c I have SO many of the crops. But these are different enough. Also, I like that you can change the rise to a fold-over.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about Lulu symbol placement. I looked at a couple of CRBs in coal tinted canvas in my size, because I remembered you talking about wanting to select how the pattern fell in the shirt you chose. But there were 3 in my size, and they were all identical -- every splotch the same in all 3. No nipple symbol on the chest on mine; I'm liking it. I also got the scoop in tinted canvas.

Anonymous said...

@9:24, mine didn't have a symbol over the crotch, either. Perhaps there are megabatches of different splotch/symbol placements and I lucked out?