Monday, December 12, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to my local store to return something and to see if I could find my husband a pair of Run: Response shorts in Rugged Blue but had no luck. Out of the entire state, only two stores in Northern California have the shorts in this color in his size. Luckily I have a friend who lives up that way and was able to get them for me (a big thanks to Ms. R!!!). It seems non-gray/black Response shorts are super popular.  Anyway, last week I blogged about a new pair of Run: Response shorts in Heathered Coal (the color is actually Heathered Dark Slate) and I saw them today. I didn't see it mentioned anywhere (not even in the website description) but these Responses are not made of the Swift fabric but of Luxtreme. They are actually a Special Edition version, as you can see in the tag above. I wanted to let you know in case any of you decide to order them.

I got to try on the new Back on Track SS tech shirt. I thought it was a nice shirt. For some reason lulu likes to make these shirts with a very open neckline so the straps of my Champion Powerback bra showed down the sides of the scoop neck. The shirt fit TTS, maybe a bit on the snugger side. It was definitely not loose. It was very snug across my chest and I am spot on on the lulu size chart in that area for size 12.

I was also able to try on the Stay On Course Jacket. It's a nice jacket, rather plain, but it seems functional for an outer wind-cutting layer. I tried it on over a CRB and the feel wasn't super soft against my skin but I assume you'd use this over a long sleeve top anyway. The only thing I think is missing from this jacket is a zippered phone pocket on the back. I use a back pocket all the time in my pullovers and one run jacket when I wear them for long walks. I hate being lopsided and having to choose a front pocket for my phone. I thought the jacket fit True To Size.

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