Thursday, December 15, 2011

Store Trip Report

lululemon stay on course tank in glacier lace print
lululeom stay on course tank in black microstripe

I have to take back all the mean things I said about the new Stay on Course tank. I really liked it when I tried it on and ended up buying the Glacier Lace version. I tried on the GL and the black microstripe one. I thought the luxtreme in the Glacer Lace felt a touch more buttery soft than the striped one. I think striped luxtremes tend to be a little stiffer as far as luxtreme goes but it's still a silky soft fabric. It happens to be one of my favorite technical fabrics. Every time I put on a luxtreme top, my skin goes ahhhh. I just love how silky and breathable it is. I went with the Glacier Lace Stay On Course because, first of all, I like the pattern, and I liked how this pattern helped camouflage the lumps and bumps luxtreme usually reveals. The black and white microstripe is also nice but a bit of a different look with the black contrast seaming. The lighter color was also more revealing lumps and bumps-wise. The front neckline was more open than it looks in some of the photos I've posted. The back is higher than I prefer but since it's luxtreme any back perspiration gets wicked right away to help keep me cool. I thought the front straps a little on the loose side when I first put it on, kind of like in this photo:

lululemon stay on course tank in paris pink microstripe
However, once I pulled the tank down and adjusted it over my boobs it laid flat.

lululemon stay on course tank in pink microstripe
I think this is a tank that works very well for curvy women. It's a figure-skimming true to size and fairly long, like CRB-long. I tried it on with a Ta Ta Tamer and the straps are completely covered. All in all it's a nice functional tank with good coverage for those who don't want to show a lot of cleavage. I'm planning to wear it to spin class tomorrow so I will let you know how it performs.

lululemon run for it crops in black

lululemon run for it crops
I tried on the new Run: For It Crops in both the solid and the Tinted Canvas striped version. (They go to a twelve.) I really liked these crops. If I was in the market for a new pair of luxtreme crops I'd definitely get these. I though the stripe placement in the back is visually-slimming. The crops are $78. Like the newest batch of luxtreme crops, the luxtreme is thicker than it has been in the past and much more opaque in bends.

lululemon black microstripe lively crewneck tee shirt
I tried on the black microstripe lively tee and really liked it. If I get a gift certificate for Christmas this is at the top of my list.

lululemon run your heart out tank in tinted canvas print
I tried on a bunch of the Coal Tinted Canvas tanks - the Cool Racerback, the Run: Your Heart Out, and the Scoop Neck. I couldn't find any that I really loved the distribution of the pattern on so I passed on it.

Both stores I went to had some excellent deals on the markdown rack. Fashion Island had some older colored underwear for $7 in sizes medium and large. I ended up buying five pairs of premium technikinis (the mesh ones). Those are my favorite workout underwear for the gym and spin. FI also had Run: For It Pullovers for $99 in various sizes. FI had a Cozy Coat on the racks (not marked down) in size 6 (could have been an 8), I believe. They also had a couple of Gratitude Wraps in the gray colors (not on markdown). I didn't check the sizes on those. The Irvine store had Power Technique tanks (black and ghost) in nearly all sizes for $34. There were other deals but those were the ones that I was considering getting.


Anonymous said...

I tried on the pink microstripe Stay on Course and didn't like it on me. I feel like the luxtreme shows every lump and bump. I may go back and try the Glacier print, I would like one top in this print.

Anonymous said...

How was the sizing on the Stay on Course top???

Anonymous said...

Do the Run: For It Crops fit true to size? Thanks!

momof5 said...

OT - anyone that placed an order on the first day of the free 2 day shipping might want to double check their order -- i was charged the 15.95. After 2 phone calls to the GEC -- they said they can send me a gift card for the 16 -- Seriously? -- so annoyed!

Anonymous said...

Hi.. I was just looking for some opinions on what size wunder under crops/pants i should get. I have a pair of run inspire crops ii in rocksteady which i tried on at the store. The size 4 looked TINY on the hanger so i just grabbed the size 6 and they fit fine, although the waist could be a little tighter, and they do slide down a little when i run (which i just realized wasnt supposed to happen with a high quality pair of crops, at first i thought it was normal..) and theres bunching around the crotch. But the legs fit fine. Im 5'2 1/2" and 105 lbs btw, and in jeans i normally wear 00 or 0. I also have a pair of astro pants in size 4 which fit okay but a size two could possibly fit better (im not sure how much smaller size 2 is than size 4). Now im thinking about buying a pair of wunder unders and the store near me rarely has size 2s to try on. Im sorry this is so long and off topic! Im just wondering does anyone have an idea if i should get size 2 or 4 in wunder unders?

Anonymous said...

Wow, momof5 - that's unbelievable. I would tell them to refund my shipping, or I'd sue them. No way in heck they should have only offered you a gift card. That's truly bad behavior on lulu's part.

Cari H said...

@anon 4:37- I love WU crops- have about 5 pairs (one with the astro waistband). I wear a size 2. I am 5'0" and 98 lbs with a slim build. The 2 fits great. I have never tried a 4 in the regular WU crops but have in the Astro WU crops- the 4 fit in the legs and booty but the waist was too big and I definitely had saggy crotch. I hope this helps you with sizing!

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:59, thanks for the info! I was wondering what size in jeans do you wear? Just to give me a better idea of how big a size 2 would be

Beloved Green said...

@anon 4:37 If your local store does not have size 2 on the shelf, it is generally because they are only built five cubbies high and they put out sizes 4-12. The size 2's are generally tucked under their folding station since they are smaller and don't take up as much space. Just ask the Educator in the pant section to pull them out for you so you can try them out and see the difference.

yogibabe said...

@anon 4:37pm: You should go for a size 2 for the WU crops and especially a size 2 for the Astro WU Crop. As mentioned above, the waist of the Astro WU will be too big for you in a size 4. However, unless the fabric is Denim Luon, then you may want to size up to a 4 in the WU crop, EXCEPT the Slub Denim Luon. With that one, stay with the size 2. I just bought the Astro WU Crop in the Black Slub Denim and stayed with the size 2. The fabric is softer and thinner than the regular Denim. I am 5'4", 105lbs. Hope this helps!

yogibabe said...

Continued from above...
I wear a size 00 or 0 jeans,(24 or 25).