Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photos: Stay on Course Tank, Run: For It Crops, Men's Polar Opposite Jacket and More

lululemon stay on course tank and Run: for it crops
New Stay on Course Tank paired with Run: For It Crops.

lululemon run for it crops
Another photo of the new Run: For It Crops

lululemon plum wunder under pants

lululemon tinted canvas print cool racerback and paris pink wunder under pants
The new colored Wunder Unders in Plum and Paris Pink in action. They are paired with the Tinted Canvas CRB. I like the choice of this muted CRB paired with the Paris WUs.

lululemon dressage pant
One of the best photos I have seen of the new Dressage pant.

lululemon run your heart out tank in tinted canvas print and gray
Run: Your Heart Out tank in Tinted Canvas. It's showing up in a bunch of my product notice emails so I think it will hit my local stores this week.

lululemon reflection wrap
lululemon reflection wrap in black

lululemon reflection wrap
Reflection Wrap Photos.

lululemon men's polar opposite jacket
New Men's Polar Opposite Jacket, lined with Sherpa fleece. This looks like a purely to and fro jacket for men. What do you think? Would the men in your life like this? Not sure I like the sheen on it. I'm sure the price is insanely high.

lululemon tinted canvas print cool racerkback tank
White Coal Tinted Canvas Super shown with the Recognition Pant.

lululemon dance studio jacket
The Dance Studio Jacket is back in Black and Coal. Shown with the Recognition Pant.

lululemon bonded seam wunder under pant
Photo showing the bonded seem in the new Wunder Unders.


Anonymous said...

can any tall gals comment on whether wunder unders work for their height? I have a 34" inseam and I am really looking for a tight that will go all the way down. As it is, the WU crops come to just below my knee, so I'd hate to buy WU pants just to have them be calf-length!

Anonymous said...

I was at the South Coast Plaza store yesterday, they had the Run Your Heart out in Tinted Canvas. Tried it on, it was a bit long for me. I usually wear shorts when running so it would have looked like I had no pants on.

Anonymous said...

The WU pants are SUPER long. I am 5'7'' so not very tall but there is a pool of pant at the bottom (mind you I have a freakish long torso and was not blessed with long legs). However I have a friend who is 5'11" and they are the perfect length on her

Anonymous said...

Is that a pigment blue swiftly behind the polar opposite jacket?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon! The website says the inseam is something ridiculous (for me) like 29" but the web model shows the legs pooling at the bottom so I was hopeful that they had their stats wrong. I don't think the web models are very short.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:58am: it would not be ther first time that information is not accurate on the website. They may have copied and pasted that from the cropped version. 29" definitely sounds more like the length of the cropped wunder unders. The regular length pool at my feet and I'm 5'7.

Anonymous said...

I'm 6'0 with a 35.5" inseam and the winder unders sit just at the top of my foot. I wish they were a bit longer, or offered in multiple lengths but they're not too short that I can't wear them with flats. Us tall ladies never get the scrunching at the bottom of tights anyways. I'd say go for Em, you'll have no issues.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon at 9:21, I also have a ~34" inseam and the wunder under pants are definitely long enough for me! I measured the inseam on mine and it is only about 30", but I guess they must stretch a lot in all directions, because the length turns out to be great for me (which never happens!). Definitely recommend them.

RunItMyWay said...

The woman modeling the dressage pant is gorgeous and this is no dis on her, she makes them look as good as they can look I think, but they still look like someone wet their pants! I don't like the two-toned design at all.. I think the seaming would probably look cute with the same colour, but with the darker circle around the rear it just looks like someone had an unfortunate accident.